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  • land art walter mason 1

    Walter Mason – Land art

    Walter Mason is an artist and a web designer who is living in Germany now. He loves nature and when he walks in the wood, he often stops and lets his creativity works. He plays with nature to create very original and creative compositions with what he finds where he is ; it means flowers, leaves, wood. Then he leaves the place ...

    On 15 January 2015 / By
  • Cataclysm Happens Evgeny Kazantsev

    Evgeny Kazantsev – Cataclysm Happens

    Evgeny Kazantsev is a Russian artist living in Anapa, Russia. He is specialized in illustration, retouching and digital art. One of his latest series entitled Cataclysm Happens is as amazing as frightening. Created for an insurance company, this series will certainly convince some people to sign a contract. Check out the Evgeny’s work at behance.net. Français ...

    On 14 January 2015 / By
  • Sarah Illenberger flowerwork 1

    Sarah Illenberger – Flowerwork

    Sarah Illenberger is a german artist specialized in creative photographies. She really likes creating things with everyday things. For her last collection Flowerwork, she uses flowers to create an impression of firework. These pictures are stunning because the result is quite realistic at the first glance. This is the mark of a great artist. More fireworks made from flowers on her website ...

    On 13 January 2015 / By
  • paperwork - estudio guardabosques tiger

    Estudio Guardabosques – Paperwork

    The Studio Guardabosques is represented by Juan and Carolina in Argentina who are lovers of paperwork. Their work is incredible and they can make representations of animals like birds or mammals just with paper. Very accurate and realistic, this is breath taking. I am amazed because, as I told you in this papercut work article, I’m barely able to create a planepaper ...

    On 12 January 2015 / By
  • Maude White papercut art bird in a hand

    Maude White – Papercut work

      I was told that paper was created for two purposes : writing and make plane papers. Then I discovered Maude White an american artist who turns paper into really impressive artworks. She is able to create wonderful forms and animal just by cutting a paper sheet. That is truly stunning and this art is called papercut. Highly talented, she gives classes and ...

    On 5 January 2015 / By

Design & More

  • black house around the world 4

    Black houses around the world

    There is a trend in architecture nowadays, Black houses. A new concept where houses are … black to change the usual colors and make the difference. But it’s ...

    On 23 January 2015 / By
  • Studio Autori - House C & D 5

    Studio Autori – House C and D

    Architects from Studio Autori designed House C and House D which are part of the Terra Panonica estate, located in Serbia. This is a cultural and tourist complex for many ...

    On 22 January 2015 / By
  • Brandon agency & anna domovesova Casual & natural restaurant in kiev 8

    Brandon Agency & Anna Domovesova – Casual & natural restaurant in kiev

    A new restaurant has just opened in the center of the  beautiful city of Kiev. Named Simple, the restaurant is quite different from other fastfoods thanks to the ...

    On 15 January 2015 / By
  • wang ruilin dreams bull

    Wang Ruilin – Dreams

    Wang Ruilin is a chinese sculptor artist who designed a collection named Dreams that is stunning. He created animal sculptures that are amazing with a very conceptual style. ...

    On 9 January 2015 / By
  • illusion cup d-bros 4

    D-Bros – Illusion teacups

    D-bros studio, specialized in conceptual design products, created this set of tea cups called Illusion teacups.  Imagine a cup that reflects the multicolored form of  the saucer it ...

    On 8 January 2015 / By
  • andrej urem design candle 2

    Andrej Urem – Design candle

    Andrej Urem is a sculptor and product designer from New York with a special talent. He can shape candles to make them very good looking in a very ...

    On 8 January 2015 / By
  • Matthew Tait The Sling-Slang yoyo diy

    Matthew Tait – The Sling-Slang

    Matthew Tait is an American designer living in Detroit who creates his own design company called TAIT Design Co. His latest project, the Sling-Slang is an awesome DIY ...

    On 6 January 2015 / By
  • Christophe Guinet natural skateboarding 6

    Christophe Guinet – Natural skateboarding

    We already published a blog post about Christophe Guinet, aka Mr Plant who creates sneakers made out from flowers and growing things for a project called Just grow it. ...

    On 5 January 2015 / By
  • cluster bomb drinks cabinet fallen furniture

    Fallen Furniture – The cluster bomb drinks cabinet

    Fallen Furniture is a UK company that turns pieces of old military and civilian aircrafts into designed furniture with a modern and innovating look. In my opinion, the ...

    On 2 January 2015 / By
  • Axo Light - Nafir 4

    Axo light and Karim Rachid – Nafir

    Karim Rashid is a very prolific designer who is known worldwide for his talent. He collaborated with the brand Axo Light for the creation a collection. Named Nafir, ...

    On 31 December 2014 / By
  • kosha heritage 2

    Kosha – Heritage

    Kosha is a swiss brand of designed products made in Swiss and Italy that has the ambition to share quality products bringing well-being and personal development. Amongst all their ...

    On 26 December 2014 / By
  • foggy chair daria pavlova 5

    Daria Pavlova – foggy chair

    Daria Pavlova is a russian interior designer from Saint Petersburg. She has made a lot of very nice and modern concepts but the last one is quite new ...

    On 25 December 2014 / By