Cyrcle – Street Art

Cyrcle – Street Art –  We never die  

From Graffiti to photomontage, passing by collage and going even to designing real pieces, Cyrcle touches every art possible when it comes to visual distortion. This band regrouping 3 artists from Los Angeles is starting to get more and mo...

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J’adore Paris – Timelapse

Jadore Paris  Timelapse 2  

J’adore Paris is a beautiful timelapse directed by Paul Richardson. While spending 3 weeks in Paris in the summer, Paul shot amazing places from different perspectives, keeping in the mind this idea of creating a perfect timelapse...

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Cycles Lelapin – Fernand


Cycles Lelapin is a French bike company based in Strasbourg. They recently handcrafted and customized an awesome bicycle baptized Fernand. Named after his previous owner, this new vintage bike interweave perfectly old-school accesso...

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Martin Schoeller – Underwareness

Martin Schoeller Underwareness  

Martin Schoeller is an award-winning fashion and portrait photographer who just teamed up with Ogilvy New York to create a very cool campaign called Underwareness with high quality pictures. This advertising campaign aims to raise awar...

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Goboka – Syrian Children Fight War with Play

Syrian Children Fight War with Play  

Goboka is a youtube channel created by two friends, Joel Robbins and Matthew Butler, who believe in telling cool stories to build a better world. In their latest short movie, they offer us the contrast between war and happiness as we can see S...

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John Williamson – No Fit State Clothing

No Fit State Clothing  

No Fit State Clothing or simply NFS is a British label created in 2012 at Birmingham. Its founder, John Williamson, is a skilled graphic designer with an endless imagination. Collaborating with many artists like om Gilmour, Curse/Gift, B...

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How the sun sees you

How the sun sees us 2  

How the sun sees you is an amazing 3 minutes videos directed by Thomas Leveritt and showing the importance of protecting your skin. By showing how the sun sees us and how we are seen through ultraviolet, with or without glasses, with or withou...

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JPS Street Art

JPS Street Art – Bear  

JPS is a young artist invading the streets of our world with critical images and beautiful thoughts. Playing on both words (hash/tag, Star Wars / Force) and with the aesthetic offered by the environment, he draws on the walls, the rocks, the...

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Statues taking selfies

statues selfies ireland’s crawford art gallery  

The statues of the Crawford art gallery in Ireland are quite in the hype. In fact, life can be boring in a museum so they started to take selfies to kill some time. And the result is a success but it is quite disturbing too to see hundreds-year-ol...

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Lucy Sparrow – The Felt Cornershop

The Felt Cornershop Lucy Sparrow  

Lucy Sparrow is a conceptual artist with an awesome knitting skill. She just opened a grocery store in London until August the 31. However, The Felt Cornershop is more a sensitive and tactile experience than a real store. indeed, all the gro...

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