Witchoria – Geometric Reflections

Witchoria Geometric Reflections  

Victoria Siemer aka Witchoria is a graphic designer and a photographer who lives in New York. In her latest series entitled Geometric Reflections, she shots beautiful natural landscapes, peaceful mountains and green hills. Then she add...

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Philips – Senseo Up

senseo up black  

Philips recently announced its new Senseo coffee machine, the Senseo Up. At first sight, we can say that they work really hard on the design. Even if this new Senseo is still compact, its design makes it longer and classier. Besides, the Sens...

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Magnetic Organization System

Reign23 MOS Magnetic Organization System cables  

A minimalist and cool object to keep your cables from falling from your desk. The Magnetic Organization System aka MOS is nowadays the best and simplest solution to hold all your cables together. The MOS is available at reign23.com for $40.

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Stéphane Coutelle

stephane coutelle bed  

Stéphane Coutelle is a french photographer and director specialized in women portraits. He works mostly with black and white photography giving to his series a particular aesthetics, however he is also at ease with colors. He wants to hig...

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Carterwilliamson Architects – Green House

Green House Carterwilliamson Architects 2  

Carterwilliamson Architects just finished an amazing family house near Sydney, Australia. The Green House have two large bay windows opened onto the garden which give to the interior brightness and a welcoming feel of fresh air. The roof...

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Alexandra Crockett – Metal Cats

alexandra crockett metal cats 3  

Cats. How can we imagine that these little balls of fur with bees in the stomach can be in reality ruthless mass murderer ? So metal…Finally cats are getting well among hard rock and metal fans. Or maybe, metal fans are just normal peopl...

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Joli Originals

Joli Originals iphone 2  

Joli Originals is a small dutch company based in Amsterdam manufacturing genuine leather sleeves for Apple devices, wallets and even passport sleeves. These awesome products are products are made out of high quality materials and every...

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Vincent Binant 2014

Vincent Binand balcony  

Vincent Binant is a talented french photographer specialized in portraits and fashion photography. He has a unique sensibility, playing with darkness and brightness in order to highlight the subject of the picture. His portraits indee...

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Simon Bouisson – Tokyo Reverse

Simon Bouisson Tokyo Reverse  

Simon Bouisson is a young french film maker and a new media artist. He likes to travel around the globe making videos as a fun and original diary. Tokyo Reverse is an awesome video of a man travelling across the city backwards but the film is mou...

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Converse – Photo Clash

converse photo clash  

Converse is back with its art contest Photo Clash. A great idea to create a link between the artist and his public. This time, it is up to Katre, a french street artist. You can send your personal photos to him vis Twitter @Converse with the hash...

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