Olivia Steele – Neon Signs

Neon Sign Olivia Steele bridge  

Olivia Steele is an american conceptual artist based in Nashville, USA. She created amazing Neon Signs with cool backgrounds and inspiring messages. In fact we see neon signs anywhere in any city nowadays. We wiil almost believe that neon...

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AR Design Studio – The Runners House

The Runners House AR Design Studio 2  

AR Design Studio just created an awesome extension to this family house located in the outskirts of Winchester, England. The Runners House has now a cool wooden room with a gigantic window giving some extra space to the house and without any...

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Chase Conley

Chase Conley afro  

Chase Conley just loves sketching and drawing all day long. He takes his inspiration in the pop culture, mostly the comics to offer us awesome illustrations of cool guys, big guns and sexy girls. His pictures are highly detailed every sketc...

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Scott Johnson – Pixel Interpretation

Scott Johnson 8 bit pixel art link zelda  

Scott Johnson is a skilled illustrator who creates hilarious small web comics. He grew up with the first generations of gaming devices and lived the golden age of Nintendo. In his series Pixel Interpretation, he decided to give life to his c...

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Hugo De Kok – And Then It Hits You

And Then It Hits You Hugo  

Hugo De Kok is a young and talented Dutch student in Image and Media Technology at HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht. he makes cool short movies and his latest creation entitled And Then It Hits You is quite awesome. Life is an incredible gi...

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Brooke DiDonato

Brooke DiDonato accident  

Brooke DiDonato is a fine art photographer based in New York City. He is widely interested in conceptual and experimental photography. In the series below, he shot surreal photos inspired by his dreams, breaking the boundaries between th...

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Valerio Loi – Web Popularity Products

Valerio Loi web popularity products badoo 2  

Valerio Loi is an Italian photographer who lives in London. In his series Web Popularity Products, he wonders about the deep impact of the popularity of the social networks on our modern society with a fin touch of humor. What could happened...

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Telmo Pieper – Kiddie Arts

Telmo Pieper childhood digital drawings  

Telmo Pieper is a Dutch talented illustrator living in Rotterdam who still is a child in the inside. In his series Kiddie Arts, he recreates his childhood drawings into realistic digital illustrations and the result is really cool and a lit...

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Tânia Falcão & Avelar Lucas

Tânia Falcão Avelar Lucas  

Tânia Falcão & Avelar Lucas are a married couple of skilled artists from Portugal. Designers, musicians and illustrators, Tânia & Avelar created their own illustration project simply called Falaco Lucas. They have a cool uni...

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Dorothy Timmer – Game of Thrones Sigil

Simple Sigil Designs game of thrones house baratheon  

Dorothy Timmer is a young american independent graphic designer who lives in Florida. She is very skilled and she is widely interested in the whole pop culture. So she created an awesome series of Game of Thrones sigil, vectorial style. And...

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