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  • Catherine Thery-pas celles que vous croyez-3

    “Not the ones you think” is a powerful series of Barbie Photography by Catherine Théry

    Catherine Thery is a french artist who originally studied fine arts. However, her first job was a venture in the advertising world where she worked as an art director. That is when photography came into her life, a new means of expression. Her art is powerful, it often communicates a certain statement. Her latest exhibition included a series of photographs entitled “Not ...

    On 22 July 2015 / By
  • audrey-kayan Kwok-6

    Audrey Hepburn is back in poters from Kayan Kwok!

    Audrey Hepburn was an english actress & a humanitarian who diva-ed her way into the hall of fame during Hollywood’s golden age. Hong Kong based artist Kayan Kwok initiated an one year round project where she digs backwards in the history of Hollywood and fuses it with Chinese ink culture, using Audrey as a main figure. Here’s more of Kayan‘s work.   Français ...

    On 21 July 2015 / By
  • josef lee- the chinese monk-cover

    Rewarding bedtime stories for adults by Josef Lee

    Josef Lee is an artist based in Singapore. Lee’s art consists on bringing bedtime stories to the adulthood. You wouldn’t know whether to be impressed by the artwork or the story itself and the choice of words, but all together it makes your time worthwhile. The characters are captivating, the choice of colours prepares you to go on a creative dream wave. To find the ...

    On 21 July 2015 / By
  • John Poppleton-blacklight body art-10

    Amazing Blacklight Body paint by John Poppleton

    John Poppleton was born and raised in Sacramento, CA. Coming from a photography background, he could not help but find a link between his paintings and photography. The sleepless nights he had in 2010 were the turning point of his career. He decided to paint in his studio landscapes on human bodies, using black-light and UV paint. The result is visual poetry. poppletonportraits.com ...

    On 20 July 2015 / By
  • thomas mailaender-sunburn photographs-6

    Sunburned old photographs onto the human body by Thomas mailaender

    French artist Thomas Mailaender often known for highjacking art-mileu and pirate exhibiting his work. has recently gathered 23 original negatives, from the archive of Modern Conflicts collection, and sunburned them onto his models’ body using UV light. He then photographed the sunburns before they become subject to daylight again and disappearing forever. This strong metaphor tackles major social issues in the most subtle ...

    On 16 July 2015 / By

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