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  • visuel mcdo (1)

    Discover the new Burger from McDonalds’ : The Grand Premium

    Check out the new burger from the Fast Food giant : The Grand Premium. This time, McDonalds’ puts a big effort on quality AND quantity. With a new package, The New Grand Premium has a 100% pure beef steack, salad and tomatoes with a secret and surely delicious secret sauce. Try it and tell us what you think of it ! Français ...

    On 2 October 2015 / By
  • Burning Man 2015

    Experience the Burning Man 2015

    No need to present one of the greatest artistic and lifestyle festival of the year : The Burning man. So just look at this video summary highlighting 7 days of dust, dreams and celebration. Français ...

    On 16 September 2015 / By
  • altlantic sauter thermor the cube

    Enter The Cube

    Discover a unique experience with The Cube. Last March, three brands – Atlantic, Sauter and Thermor – collaborated for this crazy challenge : recreate the perfect conditions of life at 2,400 meters high, simply with connected heater. More information about the project at vivezlesradiateursconnectes.fr Français ...

    On 10 September 2015 / By
  • Wutang-handcut fruits and typo-cover

    SassyAssFruit: Daily fruit and rap lyrics pairing

    Tynessa Jue is an artist based in San Francisco who finds pleasure in pairing the sweetness of the fruits with the harshness of rap lyrics. Her Tumblr description states:”Fruit is sweet. Rap is not.” Following that accurate tagline, Jue crafts her hand-cut materials and makes a sweet appealing composition out of them on a colourful monochrome background. You can follow her Instagram account ...

    On 4 September 2015 / By
  • PantoneSmoothie_1895_LayDown

    Shaking fruits and colors to make perfect “Pantone Smoothies”

    Art Director Hedvig Astrom Kushner creates deliciously healthy smoothie recipes based on Pantone color swatches. This project started for fun before it gained online popularity. Being obsessed with smoothies making, the artist realized that the outcome is always perfectly colored that is when she brought photographer Michael Kushner on board and turned this into an exciting project. Check out all the recipes ...

    On 2 September 2015 / By

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