Amnesty International x Coarse – Freedom Candles

Amnesty International x coarse – Freedom Candles –  Tackle Torture 1  

Mark Landwehr & Sven Waschk also known as Coarse are back with more than just art toys. The duet, used to designing vinyl pieces of art, went with another material this time for a special collaboration. Working along with Amnesty Inter...

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Geoff Tompkinson – New York Noir

geoff tompkinson New York noir  

Geoff Tompkinson is a photographer and film-maker specialized in timelapses and hyperlapses. He traveled around the world through big cities, directing beautiful short-movies. New York Noir is a timelapse in which Geoff played with th...

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Stéphane Casier – Yeaaah Studio

Stéphane Casier yeaaah studio anchor  

Stéphane Casier is a french illustrator and graphic designer who lives in Paris. He created his own agency called Yeaaah Studio and has already work for many brands, especially in music and apparel industries. His drawings are widely insp...

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Céline Pinget

Céline Pinget back piercing  

Céline Pinget is a young and talented photographer and she is a true world citizen. In fact, he was born in Brazil, lived in France and now in Vancouver. She also traveled a lot around the world. All these journeys gave Céline a special and one o...

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Ben Barrett-Forrest – The Design Deck

The Design Deck Ben Barrett-Forrest  

Ben Barrett-Forrest is a Canadian graphic designer working at Forrest Media. He recently launched his own kickstarter project : a playing card deck with a useful piece of design information on each card. The Design Deck is very nice and it h...

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Rob Duenas

Rob Duenas boba fett  

Rob Duenas is a talented american illustrator. He is widely influenced and inspired by pop culture wether comics, movies or video games. His work is really impressive, he managed indeed to keep the the soul of the model adding in the same tim...

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Jolipunk – Fucking Tourists

joliPunk Fucking Tourists  

We don’t know much about Jolipunk however he sure has a great sense of humor. In his project Fucking Tourists, this french photographer traveled around the world and went to the most touristic places randomly asking to the local peop...

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History x Superheroes

History superheroes aquaman  

And this is what happened when you take historical black and white photographs and you photoshopped old school DC superheroes’ comics in it. And now you realize that what you learned in history class was totally false. Superman help...

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DaGhostProd – Artbook

DaGhostProd – 7 – 01  

His name is Pascal Cataye, he goes also by DaGhostProd and he is part of the Whitezine family. He created with us the first wallpapers participated in our photoshoot as graphic designer and he’s the co-founder of our brand Sayfat. Tha...

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Lo Siento – Olive & Sesame Oil

Olive Sesame Oil Lo Siento  

Lo Siento is a spanish design agency which recently create an amazing packaging for an Olive & Sesame Oil. With an industrial raw design and a very cool typography, this golden oil bottle sure knows how to catch attention. Discover the...

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