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Beautiful Photography

  • Museum of Olympic art Cedric Uebersax

    Cedric Uebersax – Museum of Olympic art

    Cedric Uebersax is a French photographer and retoucher with a great sense of humor. He created a virtual 3D museum baptized the Museum of Olympic art in which ...

    On 4 November 2014 / By
  • Obi Wolf beach


    Obiwolf is a French artist living in Cannes. He is specialized in photography and design. His work is very plural and very creative. He shoots glamorous lifestyle pictures ...

    On 3 November 2014 / By
  • Davis Ayer bubbles

    Davis Ayer

    Davis Ayer is an American photographer living in Los Angeles, California. He shoots amazing lifestyle pictures focused on youth and women. Then he retouched his work to create ...

    On 28 October 2014 / By
  • russian criminal tattoo police files arkady bronnikov

    Arkady Bronnikov

    Arkady Bronnikov is considered as the leading expert in tattoo iconography in Russia. A new exhibit recently opened showing to the public Russian police archives files of tattooed ...

    On 27 October 2014 / By
  • Francesco Romoli Postcards from the future 7

    Francesco Romoli – Postcards from the future

    Francesco Romoli is an Italian artist who interested in any expressive form. After studying music, he decided to learn about computer science. Nowadays, Francesco sails between photography and ...

    On 24 October 2014 / By
  • Andy Wauman Gutterdust

    Andy Wauman – Gutterdust

    Andy Wauman aka Gutterdust is a Belgian photographer who moved to California in order to live of his art. His work is inspired by many arts such as ...

    On 21 October 2014 / By

Awesome videos


  • Rêver2074

    Rêver 2074

    On November the 3th, more than 60 luxurious French brands gathered in the Château de Versailles to present a unique and collaborative creation baptized Rêver 2074. This project took almost two years and the work of hundreds of men and women working for the French know-how in luxury. imagine all these brands, usually rivals on the market, holding hands to imagine the ...

    On 6 November 2014 / By
  • Maison Ullens - white

    Maison Ullens

    Maison Ullens is a young fashion brand created by the billionaire Myriam Ullens. This new fashion company focuses its clothing work about three main values : luxurious streewear, urban and travel. Made in Italy, the high quality clothes are available at maisonullens.com. Français ...

    On 31 October 2014 / By
  • A Large Evil Corporation shining

    A Large Evil Corporation

    A Large Evil Corporation is a British animation studio who recently released on its Twitter account art toys of iconic movie characters and famous actors. These toys are for now only concepts however it is planned to manufacture them very soon. Stay tuned at evilcorp.tv. Français ...

    On 29 October 2014 / By
  • 2014 Beard and Mustache Championships

    2014 Beard and Mustache Championships

    Movember is coming, it is the perfect moment to present the winners of the 2014 Beard and Mustache Championships which tool place on October 25th at the Keller Auditorium in Portland, Oregon. Fabulous beards and fascinating moustache sculpting, discover these incredibles and unique owners. Français ...

    On 29 October 2014 / By
  • The Bully Project Mural

    The Bully Project Mural

    The Bully Project Mural is a collaborative project created by 4 americans artists from San Francisco. All these pictures represent the casualties of bullies in America and once you put all of them together, it creates a giant anti-bullying mural poster. Check out the whole project at behance.net. Français ...

    On 28 October 2014 / By

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