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Whitezine is founded & managed by the passionate folks at Big Kids


You’re a talented photographer ? A video editor or an illustrator with a unique style, product or project ? Let us know, we are constantly looking for awesome people to discover and give a cover. All generic emails will be directly deleted, as we received a lot of emails. If you want to be featured on our blog, please give us a personalized email and try to be brief. We’ll come back to you if we love your work.

Advertising & PR

You’re a brand ? A digital or a PR agency ? Email us your inquiry with as much as detail as possible. We’ll study it in order to publish it, discuss it or work on it. Whitezine is managed by creative people that are looking to work with brands and agencies. We would love to empower your brand by creating good content around it. Please let us know.

One e-mail address :