She’s not a photographer. Well technically she didn’t study photography. And yet when we discovered her work we were amazed. Both quality & imagination are here. It’s not the perfect type of photography. No flash, no terry, no gaga. It’s about fairy tales. Those fairy tales we all grew up with, and this goes beyond Alice in Wonderland. It’s the story of a girl who graduated in Fashion Design. Not photography.

Olga - Vivienne Mok - Whitezine

Olga - Vivienne Mok - Whitezine

But talented enough, passionnate enough, and motivated enough, she decided to go all the way with photoshoots. The student became quickly a passionnate designer in a Parisian fashion house. And as if luck wasn’t enough, she decided she wanted more. And everything is possible when we’re foolish enough to think we can do it. Self-taught she quickly turned this hobby into a profession when she realized she was doing the best job in the world. The one that fitted perfectly. The one she was made for.

Today she’s an accomplished photographer, publishing great photoshoots around the world wide web. And when asked where her inspirations come from, and how she sets up her shoots, she answers that it’s not about fashion, it’s not about a place or a face, it’s about the whole thing. Old broken things, fairies & fairytales, faces & women…well, girls sometimes. Her inspirations come together to create this whole thing you’ll love.

Today Whitezine is proud to present Olga. Olga is a model. Olga may be a dream. But Olga is also a story, a story told by Vivienne Mok, a fashion designer, a photographer and most importantly, a talented artist. Whitezine & Vivienne are proud to present this exclusive photoshoot.

Credits :
Photography, Styling, Hair & Make-up by Vivienne Mok.
Model : Olga Z. @ Studio KRLP.
Outfits : Anne Valerie Hash, Pagan Poetry, Martine Sitbon, Vivienne Mok, Yukie Deux Points, Urban Outfitters, Sharon Wauschob.
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