We had the chance to discover Malta & the island of Gozo a couple of days ago and we have to admit it we were quite blown away. Our friend Griottes did there some amazing pictures we had to feature here to share with you these great things we saw, and make you want to go there too. Between the Scuba Diving sessions, the cliff jumping moments, the good food, the Gomino island discovery, the great designed hostel 37, and the amazing city of Victoria. It’s all worth the look. Pictures are all signed Griottes.

Malta - Gozo - 37 Cactus

Malta - Gozo - Sea Diving

Malta - Gozo - Newspaper

Malta - Gozo - Joseph

Malta - Gozo - Boat

Malta - Gozo - Window

Malta - Gozo - Light

Malta - Gozo - Garage

Malta - Gozo - Food

Malta - Gozo - Carriage

Malta - Gozo - Boat Colorful

Malta - Gozo - Bar in Victoria

Malta - Gozo - Architecture

Malta - Gozo - 37 Couch