Dato Koridze is Georgian (The country, not the state). Born & raised in Tbilsi, this art lover studied theology but ended up hosting a musical radio show for 4 to 5 hours a day. Photography came a little bit later, when four years ago, he shot a couple of pictures with a friend’s camera. He then, instantly knew he could do it, and do it with passion. Inspired by people (and most importantly his grandma as he says it himself), emotions, feeling, and beauty as he sees it in each person, he takes great portraits, trying to show his point of view, his own emotion, and the story behind each face. Here’s a selection of his work & discover more on his facebook page.

Dat Koridze - Lake Girl

Dato Koridze - Lake Girl

Dat Koridze - Old Man

Dato Koridze - Old Man

Dat Koridze - Jar Dat Koridze - Kids Portrait Dat Koridze - Lake Girl Crying Dat Koridze - Lake Woman Dat Koridze - Laker Dat Koridze - Old Woman Dat Koridze - Portrait Young Girl Dat Koridze - Portrait Young Dat Koridze - Sea Girl Dat Koridze - Young Girl Portrait Dat Koridze - Lake Girl Dat Koridze - Old Man
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