We wanted to talk about people, people we love and admire. Their work is something we rely to everyday while looking for inspiration. They have their own style, their own art, their own story. Today we’re launching . In this video series we are going to tell the story of these people. And we’re starting with Pascal Cataye, one of the closest person we know in the art industry.

This self made man learned illustration and adapted it to his very unique et expressive style to create both professional and personal pieces of art. Today he’s working on fullfilling his dream by publishing E.N.D, a comic. The book starts when a message is announced to all population, Humanity is going to self destruct within the upcoming weeks or days. Alice & David are going to look for answer, and this story is their’s. Pascal talked to us and told us more about it. Discover it in the video above, and learn about the project on KickStarter