Whitezine has teamed up with the great dutch brand Philips to propose the following amazing Christmas giveaway. Christmas is all about Trees, presents, snow, and .. christmas lights ! And thanks to the Philips LivingColors your lights will be all up and colorful this year. Philips asked us to do an exclusive photoshoot with the cool Micro LivingColors and we thought that nothing was cooler than showing you how it can go with anything, any style, any room. But we wanted also to propose something new, and that’s how we got inspired by The Burning House concept, but creating these in colors, and with instagram. Discover the serie in the article.

The Giveaway
To try & win one of the two Micro PhilipsLiving Colors Black, nothing simpler : Leave us a comment in the article below mentioning what’s the picture that matches the most your style ! Red ? Yellow ? Green ? Purple ? Blue ? Two random winners will be chosen by next friday.

Philips Living Colors x Whitezine Green

Philips LivingColors x Whitezine Green

Philips Living Colors x Whitezine Purple

Philips LivingColors x Whitezine Purple

Philips Living Colors x Whitezine Red

Philips LivingColors x Whitezine Red

Philips Living Colors x Whitezine Yellow

Philips LivingColors x Whitezine Yellow

Philips Living Colors x Whitezine Blue

Philips LivingColors x Whitezine Blue