Amazing photographers passed by here. From the famous Terry Richardson to Marc Van Dalen, passing by Damon Loble and Billy Kidd. From Editorial photography, to fashion photography passing by Advertising or portraits. It’s all here

John Poppleton – Under Black Light

%22Under Black Light%22 by John Poppleton 3  

John Poppleton is an American photographer living in California. He is specialized in portraiture and experimental photography and has been reward with numerous awards. Lately, John is very interested in the black light effect on objec...

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Brooke DiDonato

Brooke DiDonato accident  

Brooke DiDonato is a fine art photographer based in New York City. He is widely interested in conceptual and experimental photography. In the series below, he shot surreal photos inspired by his dreams, breaking the boundaries between th...

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Valerio Loi – Web Popularity Products

Valerio Loi web popularity products badoo 2  

Valerio Loi is an Italian photographer who lives in London. In his series Web Popularity Products, he wonders about the deep impact of the popularity of the social networks on our modern society with a fin touch of humor. What could happened...

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A Ginger with a Camera

Handy Andy Pandy a ginger with a camera carrot  

Handy Andy Pandy is simply a Ginger with a Camera, as he called himself. He is a talented photographer and retoucher with an endless creativity. He is in the midst of a 365 Project, uploading an awesome picture per day and he has never miss a sin...

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Jeff Friesen – United States of LEGO, A Brick Tour of America

Jeff Friesen brick tour america lego  

Jeff Friesen is a Canadian photographer who has already won many awards. Jeff loves to travel and escape from the reality. Besides, he has an endless creativity and he is stayed a child inside. Take a ticket to the United States of LEGO, A Bric...

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Renato Pagliacci – Just An Ordinary Day

Renato Pagliacci just an ordinary day  

Renato Pagliacci is a Brazilian fashion and portrait photographer who lives in Rio De Janeiro. His latest work entitled Just An Ordinary Day is a lovely and peaceful ballad with wonderful pictures. What happened when you wake up for the fir...

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Brandon Voges – Donut Doubles

Brandon Voges donut doubles  

Brandon Voges is an American photographer living in Saint Louis. He is specialized in advertising photography, portraiture and food art. In his series Donut Doubles, Brandon combines portraits of men and women with their culinary doppl...

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Florian Beaudenon

Florian Beaudenon  

Florian Beaudenon is a French fashion photographer who lives in Paris. He has an cool sober style which allows him to perfectly highlights his models. Bright, colorful and contrasted, his work is really amazing. He manages to shoot high qu...

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Zhenya Aerohockey – Catching Corners

Zhenya Aerohockey catching corners burger  

Zhenya Aerohockey is a Russian photographer living in Saint Petersburg. He is interested in nature, traveling but also movies and electronic music. In his series Catching Corners, Zhenya focused his camera on… corners of course....

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Nick Ramirez – XO 2014 Summer Collection

XO 2014 Summer Collection the weeknd  

The Weeknd‘s XO is back with a new hot collection of women’s bodysuits, sports bras and running shorts. Shot by the talented photographer Nick Ramirez, this 2014 summer collection keeps the black and white color’s cod...

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Nespresso seen by the fine arts school of Paris

Nespresso Beaux arts  

Who said that coffee and art don’t belong together ? Nespresso, the famous Georges Clooney’s coffee maker, wants for a few years to promote youth and artistic creation via sponsorship actions. For the Ateliers Ouverts 2014 e...

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Downs – Mahnattan


Downs is an american painter and artist based in Palm Springs. He is nowadays in his late 50s and he created a series of amazing paintings inspired by the time he lived in New York City. These illustrations have the unique and abstract signatu...

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Andrew Prokos – The Architecture of Amusement

Andrew Prokos The Architecture of Amusement  

Andrew Prokos is an american photographer living in New York. He is specialize in advertising and fine art photography. In his series entitled The Architecture of Amusement, Andrew focused his camera on roller coasters’ details a...

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Flying View

Flying Blue Flying View Contest  

Flying Blue, the famous fidelity program of Air France/KLM and the Skyteam companies, launched a few weeks ago a cool photography contest mixing two closed worlds : travel and photography. Indeed, travelling around the world is a unique e...

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Sander Dekker

Sander Dekker balls  

Sander Dekker is an american fashion and lifestyle photographer who lives in Amsterdam for a couple of years. He started his career as a successful designer but now he just wanders around the streets capturing amazing pictures and cool mom...

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Sandro Giordano – In Extremis

Sandro Giordano In Extremis balloon  

Sandro Giordano is an italian photographer with a great sense of humor. In his series entitled In Extremis, he shots beautiful and colorful pictures of people who felt and died, face on the ground, in every funny situation you can imagine. D...

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