Motion is an amazing place on Whitezine. Take some time and get to watch all the shorts films and movies we already featured . Seriously, it’s amazing how people can go far in their imagination

Alfred Imageworks – Johnny Express

Alfred Imageworks Johnny Express 3  

Alfred Imageworks is a korean animation studio and this is its latest short movie. Johnny Express is one of the delivery guy in the galaxy and he sure met a lot of aliens and different life forms. And if there is one thing you should know Johnny E...

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Desillusion – Brother of the Weird

Desillusion brother of the weird iron & resin  

Desillusion presents a new awesome short film entitled Brother of the Weird promoting a small brand called Iron & Resin. Created by a couple a friends, the spirit of this brand located in Ventura, California, stays in the love of motor...

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Kirsten Lepore – Bottle

Kirsten Lepore Bottle  

Kirsten Lepore is a talented animator and director from Los Angeles who made short movies. Bottle tells the story of a sandman and a snowman who communicate over the ocean with only a glass bottle. This beautiful video was filmed in stop moti...

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Ben Brand – Life is beautiful

Ben Brand Life is beautiful  

Ben Brand is a dutch director and animator who lives in Amsterdam. Life is beautiful was revealed at the Dutch Film festival 2013 in Utrecht. This movie follows Anton, a desperate short person who doesn’t want to live anymore. But lif...

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Kadavre Exquis – The Lava

kadavrexquis equateur lava 2  

Kadavre Exquis is a french graphic designer and animator who loves music. After working for one year with Skrillex, he realized a wonderful sci-fi video clip for the french electro-pop band Equateur. The Lava is a chilled and contemplativ...

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Geoff Tompkinson – New York Noir

geoff tompkinson New York noir  

Geoff Tompkinson is a photographer and film-maker specialized in timelapses and hyperlapses. He traveled around the world through big cities, directing beautiful short-movies. New York Noir is a timelapse in which Geoff played with th...

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Simon Bouisson – Tokyo Reverse

Simon Bouisson Tokyo Reverse  

Simon Bouisson is a young french film maker and a new media artist. He likes to travel around the globe making videos as a fun and original diary. Tokyo Reverse is an awesome video of a man travelling across the city backwards but the film is mou...

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Circulus – Circus in an abandoned factory

Circulus circus abandoned factory  

Circulus is a new and innovative circus company form Great Britain which brings us back to the golden age of circus. In this amazing video these artists of a new kind invade an abandoned factory and give us an incredible show. Mixing traditio...

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Guillaume Blanchet – A Girl Named Elastika

Guillaume Blanchet elastika  

Guillaume Blanchet is a french film maker and director who lives in Montreal. He is very creative and an endless imagination. In his latest project entitled A Girl Named Elastika, we follow the extraordinary and funny adventures of an happ...

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Javier Polo – Europe in 8Bits

Javier Polo Europe in 8Bits  

Javier Polo is a spanish director who recently directed a cool short-movie entitled Europe in 8bits. This video promotes the increasing music trend of Chiptune. Indeed, more and more artists reuse and exploit old electronic devices such...

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Hermès Metamorphose

Hermes Metamorphose  

The french luxurious brand, Hermès is releasing a new video flooding of awesome. Directed by Julien Vallé, Carolyne De Bellefeuille & Eve Duhamel, the 50 second motion shows Hermès apparel and accessories in a constant metamorphos...

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Rushes – Tiny Worlds

Rushes tiny world  

Rushes is an english visual agency with a lot of creative minds. They recently imagined how the trashes and all the rubbish in London were cleaned and disappear everyday. What if there was a tiny society of tiny people we don’t even kno...

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The Amerikans – These Are Mysteries

The Amerikans These Are Mysteries 4  

The Amerikans is a short films series about the diversity of men who lives in America. It is a storytelling documentary about the human wealth of this amazing continent. This time, with These are Mysteries, we meet Parnell Necklace, a nativ...

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Acronym – SS14


Acronym reveals its new collection for 2014 with an awesome video. This new collection, entitled SS14, features clothes with hidden pockets, straps-on and other easy-carrying devices, ideal if you are a modern ninja like Acronym’...

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Daniel Koren – Walking Contest

walking contest  

Daniel Koren writes and makes short films, then posts them on Youtube. He likes to mix in his videos music, humor and a fistful of ideas. In his video Walking Contest, directed by Vania Heymann, Daniel wonder why we are uncomfortable when we a...

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Banksy & Idris Elba – #withsyria

Banksy & Idris Elba #withsyria syria 4  

The street artist Banksy and the actor Idris Elba team up to create a beautiful short movie to raise awareness about the situation in Syria. At dawn of the 3rd year of conflict in Syria, the two artists wants to stop the death toll of over 100,00...

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