Motion is an amazing place on Whitezine. Take some time and get to watch all the shorts films and movies we already featured . Seriously, it’s amazing how people can go far in their imagination

David Pocull – Balls

Balls david pocull  

David Pocull is a creative illustrator and animation director living in Barcelona. One of his latest project simply called Balls is just awesome and maybe a little psychedelic too. This short movie puts every ball we know in a giant ball par...

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Nokia Pureviews – Honshù Road Trippin

Nokia Pureviews Honshù Road Trippin 4  

This is the latest video of Nokia, promoting its Pureview technology. Filmed with a Nokia Lumia 1020, this short film follows the finest french snowboarders Morgan Le Faucheur, Mathieu Crépel and Sylvain Bourbousson from top to the botto...

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Le skate Moderne

Le skate Moderne  

Le skate moderne is a french documentary about a couple of young skaters that are not your typical archetype of riders. These young folks started to skate to avoid their traced destiny when the quit school. Son of farmers, they discovered th...

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Criminalz – Crimes in all styles

Criminalz Crew Crimes il all styles  

Criminalz Crew is a team of french dancers and freestylers. They just released their new video entitled Crimes in all styles. This great clip was filmed by Gang Corp, a french collective of artists, in only one shot in 4K. 10 dancers and 5 batt...

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Juan Rayos – Que viva la tierra mía

Que viva la tierra mía juan Rayos  

Juan Rayos is a young spanish Filmmaker who lives in Madrid. He recently came back from La Gomera, an island located west of the Canary Islands. He filmed there a short film entitled Que viva la tierra mía, starring local musicians who play dr...

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Matthieu Maunier-Rossi – T.I.A

Matthieu Maunier-Rossi T.I.A Congo Brazzaville 6  

Matthieu Maunier-Rossi is a french director and scenaristwho just came back from Brazzaville, Congo Republic. He directed there a short movie entitled T.I.A, This Is Africa. An inspiring woman voice, a talented dancer and amazing lands...

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Mathieu Maury – The Glint

The Glint Comete motocycles 3  

Mathieu Maury is a young french photographer who lives in Lille, France. He recently directed his first movie entitled The Glint and it was presented by Comete Motocycles. Although, this short film was shot in one day without any budget, it...

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Symmetry – A Palindromic Film

Symmetry a Palindromic Film 3  

Symmetry is a french short movie quite original. Indeed, This film has been written symmetrically: the second half is strictly like the first, but played backwards and mirrored. However, the second part is the following of the first and is...

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Already Alive – The Temple

Already Alive Burning Man The Temple  

The Temple is the short movie presented by Already Alive, the filmmaking & storytelling collective based in Brooklyn and directed by Michael Marantz. The temple is a documentary about the Burning Man and its deep meaning.

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Crafts Council – Experimental animation meets pottery

Experimental animation meets pottery Crafts Council  

The Crafts Council’s goal is to make the UK the best place to make, see, collect and learn about contemporary craft. This short film was commissioned by the Crafts Council and directed by Jim Le Fevre, Mike Paterson and Roops and Al Joh...

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Kris Hofmann – A Game of Numbers

Kris Hofmann A Game of Numbers  

A Game of Numbers is a short film directed by Kris Hofmann and produced for the NY Times Opinion Strand. Football is probably the most profitable sport in the world and watching football supposedly the ultimate working man’s game. Ho...

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Live Love Beirut

Live Love Beirut  

Live Love Beirut is a video highlighting an amazing project entitled Graff Me #Lebanon. Thanks to a partnerships with the European Union, this young collective of graffiti artist did the amazing challenge of putting graffiti in the heart...

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Nokia Pureviews – Snowboard season is on

nokia pureview snowboard season is on  

Nokia is back with a new amazing video promoting its technology Pureview. This time, director Jon Vital followed Victor Daviet and Julien Rochette in the mountains. These 2 talented snowboarded show us the right way to ride down a moutain w...

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Nokia Pureviews – No Hay Tregua

nokia pureviews bmx Simone Barraco 3  

Nokia still promotes his technology Pureview with another amazing video. This time, Hadrien Picard follows Simone Barraco, one of the world best bmx riders, in the beautiful cuba countryside. A hot & fresh ride, perfect to forget th...

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Wriggles & Robins – Love is in the air

wriggles & robin love is in the air cold breathe 2  

Wriggles & Robins are two creatives and directors who just join Wanda Digital. They produce and direct innovative ideas for brands and for fun too.

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Nike – Play Russian

Nike Play Russian hockey  

This is the new Nike’s commercial featuring famous russian athletes intitled Just Do It – Play Russian. Hockey, ice skating, skateboarding, soccer, running, swimming, snowboarding and even a walrus are honored in this ama...

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