Motion is an amazing place on Whitezine. Take some time and get to watch all the shorts films and movies we already featured . Seriously, it’s amazing how people can go far in their imagination

Assassin’s Creed Unity Meets Parkour

Assassin’s Creed Unity Meets Parkour  

This is certainly one of the most badass advertising for a video game I have ever seen. This short movie promoting the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Unity was performed by Ronnie Shalvis and the French FreeRun Family disguised as vengef...

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Bettina Gericke & Chris Meyer – Zombie Survival Guide

Bettina Gericke Chris Meyer Zombie Survival Guide  

Bettina Gericke & Chris Meyer were two students of the University of applied sciences and arts and they are now graduated from it thanks to this cool short movie they realized and directed. The Zombie Survival Guide is a funny propagan...

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Matteo Muci – Iconic Houses

Matteo Muci iconic Houses  

Matteo Muci is an Italian freelance graphic designer. He just created a wonderful short animation movie about entitled Iconic Houses and as the title said, it gathered the most famous architectural work of the last century. From Le Corbus...

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Hugo De Kok – And Then It Hits You

And Then It Hits You Hugo  

Hugo De Kok is a young and talented Dutch student in Image and Media Technology at HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht. he makes cool short movies and his latest creation entitled And Then It Hits You is quite awesome. Life is an incredible gi...

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Oreo – Mel’s Mini Mini Mart

Mel’s Mini Mini Mart oreo  

This is the latest Oreo‘s commercial for the Oreo Mini and it is just awesome. Entitled Mel’s Mini Mini Mart, this short movie is a lovely and poetic journey through the dusty and empty roads of the United States, paying a cool tribute t...

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Mackevision – A Look Inside the Digital Effects on GoT

A Look Inside the Digital Effects on Game of Thrones  

Did you know that one single episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones cost $6 million dollars ? Take A Look Inside the Digital Effects on GoT with technology’s lovers Mackevision. Discover the amazing special effects which make this a...

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The Animation Workshop – Interview

The Animation Workshop interview  

The Animation Workshop is an animation studio which makes funny short movies. Its latest creation entitled Interview is a great clip. A man goes to an interview however he doesn’t know what the job is. He still tries to impress the int...

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Jérémie Périn

Jérémie Périn  

Jérémie Périn is a French animator and director, working in video games, TV shows and short movies. his amazing work is highly detailed, often disturbing, sometimes sensual but always with a fine touche of humor. Check out the series be...

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Oakley – A story of Disruption

Oakley A story of Disruption  

Oakley, the famous glasses company, will soon celebrate its 40 years anniversary. This is the perfect opportunity to go back in time and pay a tribute to its founder, Jim Jannard, in this awesome short movie, narrated by Kevin Spacey himsel...

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Gourmet & Culprit Collective – Upskirts

Gourmet Culprit Collective Upskirts summer 2014  

Gourmet Footwear just signed a collaboration with Culprit Collective for its new summer collection lookbook entitled Upskirts. They created an awesome and original lookbook halfway between video and illustration. Like the title sugg...

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Iceland Aurora Films – Iceland Aurora

Iceland Aurora  

Iceland Aurora Films groups 3 independent filmmakers living in Iceland and sharing together the love of Aurora Borealis. Their first work will be released in July 2014 and we offer you the official trailer. A peaceful short movie filled wi...

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Sosh – Until Tomorrow

Sosh until Tomorrow  

Sosh, the French discount mobile operator by Orange, just released its new Ride Sessions video entitled Until Tomorrow. 5 pro riders of BMX, skate and snowboard traveled through the Californian landscape realizing amazing tricks on inc...

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Division of Labor – Rodents on Turntables

Division of Labor Rodents on Turntables  

Division of Labor is an advertising agency based in California which came up with an awesome video entitled Rodents on Turntables. That short film was made to promote the numerous concerts of Live Nation across the United States. Listen to...

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Alfred Imageworks – Johnny Express

Alfred Imageworks Johnny Express 3  

Alfred Imageworks is a korean animation studio and this is its latest short movie. Johnny Express is one of the delivery guy in the galaxy and he sure met a lot of aliens and different life forms. And if there is one thing you should know Johnny E...

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Desillusion – Brother of the Weird

Desillusion brother of the weird iron & resin  

Desillusion presents a new awesome short film entitled Brother of the Weird promoting a small brand called Iron & Resin. Created by a couple a friends, the spirit of this brand located in Ventura, California, stays in the love of motor...

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Kirsten Lepore – Bottle

Kirsten Lepore Bottle  

Kirsten Lepore is a talented animator and director from Los Angeles who made short movies. Bottle tells the story of a sandman and a snowman who communicate over the ocean with only a glass bottle. This beautiful video was filmed in stop moti...

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