Don’t know what you’re searching for ? Care to venture yourself in an amazing ride on the world wide web ? Here it’s all about inspirationnal links. You’re going to do it all. From Design, to Fashion, passing by graphic design and motions

This Is Not A Toy

this is not a toy pharrell williams arash moallemi  

The world famous singer Pharrell Williams become the co-curator of an exhibit in Toronto, Canada entitled This Is Not A Toy. This exhibition shows the growing market of art toys and collectibles, objects that are called toys but are not mea...

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Etam Cru

Etam Cru jam  

Etam Cru is a duo of two talented polish artists, Sainer and Bezt. They love to painted on gigantic scale murals like buildings and house walls. Their works are fantastic and surrealistic with often a touch of humor. They travel all over the w...

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Jane Perkins – Recycled Art

Jane Perkins black guy  

Jane Perkins is a UK-Based artist and she is very creative. She creates beautiful and realistic artwork with found objects. from buttons to empty bottles, jane can make a masterpiece using only junks. That is possibly the best way to recycl...

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ESA – Images of the Earth

ESA european space agency Image of the Earth  

The European Space Agency (ESA) just released a collection of pictures of the Earth taken from satellites. And we can easily say that our blue planet is quite gorgeous. Discover places, landscapes and colors you didn’t imagine they...

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Fred & Farid – Rear Horsepower

Fred & Farid Rear Horsepower Porsche 911 3  

Fred & Farid is a french communication agency, based in Paris and Shanghai. They created a very creative campaign for Porsche and its new Porsche 911. In fact, the main characteristic of the Porsche 911 is that the engine is placed behi...

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Sponso – Design on Fire by Bic

Design on Fire Bic Tetris  

Once again, Bic challenges you to draw an amazing decor lighter with its Design on Fire contest from January 14th to March 13h. From flame to fame, imagine a whole new decor via Bic’s Facebook page. The winner will get 5,000€ and the sec...

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Damien Vignaux aka Elroy

Damien Vignaux Elroy Boxing girl  

Damien Vignaux aka Elroy is an art director and a freelance graphic designer. He is french but lives in Berlin. Elroy is a real artist and he is very polyvalent. From fashion and lifestyle photography to Short films through graphic illustra...

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Mathieu Maury – The Glint

The Glint Comete motocycles 3  

Mathieu Maury is a young french photographer who lives in Lille, France. He recently directed his first movie entitled The Glint and it was presented by Comete Motocycles. Although, this short film was shot in one day without any budget, it...

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Brad Downey – Contemporist Art

Brad Downey traffic sign  

Brad Downey is an american artist from Kentucky. He was born in 1980 and he is graduated from Pratt Institute in New York and the Slade School of Art in London. He currently live in Berlin. Brad is interested in several art technics like sculpt...

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Already Alive – Why we create music

ALREADY alive 2  

Already Alive is a filmmaking & storytelling collective based in Brooklyn. This short film celebrates the 100th anniversary of ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers) featuring 15 award winning songwrite...

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Sponsored : Axa Switch

Axa Switch  

For the first time an assurance brand is aiming a target generally ignored : youth. With its new offer, Switch, Axa is talking to young people with two types of insurances. The first one will be available for all people between 18 & 29 and...

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Sponsored : Nivea Stress Protect

Nivea Men Stress Protect  

Sponsored article – Forever or so, deodorant has been around to help us fight sweat. But there’s the type of sweat that comes from running around, and that there is the one that come from Stress. And if stress can be stimulating,...

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Inspirations of the week #57

Street Lab  

Quite busy with the lunch of our new brand Sayfat, we put less effort on Whitezine. But we’re back, and fresh as hell ! Here’s a new batch of inspirations today, with some awesome photography, cool stuff in Design terms (Bulgary...

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Inspirations of the week #56

Sal Curioso Hong Kong  

It’s all about inspirations now ! From Design to Trends passing by Fashion, Graphic, Photography and some cool events. And from Puma’s Quest event to the new Maison Kitsune in Tokyo passing by Terry Richardson’s Photo...

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Inspirations of the week #55

Brunswick House  

And we’re back with a new batch for this new week. It was hard to get it out since we were enjoying a cool morning in bed, but we couldn’t miss it. You know you were waiting for it. So here it is, a bunch of design, graphic, trends, fash...

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Inspirations of the week #54

Althaus Restaurant  

From Design to Photography, passing by Graphic Design, Tech & Motion, it’s all there ! This week we got a come back from the event category with some cool photos from the Supra Footwear party & the Lacoste exhibit in Paris. W...

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