Don’t know what you’re searching for ? Care to venture yourself in an amazing ride on the world wide web ? Here it’s all about inspirationnal links. You’re going to do it all. From Design, to Fashion, passing by graphic design and motions

Chinese American Museum – L.A. Heat

L.A. Heat Taste Changing Condiments Exhibition Sriracha Tapatio  

Over the past few years, the Sriracha and Tapacio sauces are taking a more and more important part in the american food culture. Indeed, these Chinese and Mexican spicy sauces rival the almighty Heinz Ketchup and Mustard for consumersR...

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The Amerikans – These Are Mysteries

The Amerikans These Are Mysteries 4  

The Amerikans is a short films series about the diversity of men who lives in America. It is a storytelling documentary about the human wealth of this amazing continent. This time, with These are Mysteries, we meet Parnell Necklace, a nativ...

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Juxtapoz X Waves For Water

Juxtapoz Waves For Water Andrew Schoultz  

Juxtapoz, the monthly magazine about unconventional art, just teamed up with Waves For Water, a NGO aiming clean water to communities in need all around the world. They created together a series of surfboards, each one hand-painted by a di...

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Acronym – SS14


Acronym reveals its new collection for 2014 with an awesome video. This new collection, entitled SS14, features clothes with hidden pockets, straps-on and other easy-carrying devices, ideal if you are a modern ninja like Acronym’...

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Plastic Jesus

Plastic Jesus american express cocaine  

Plastic Jesus is an american artist from Los Angeles and the street is his playground. He has a lot of creativity and imagination when it comes to criticize our western society with a humor and irony. His awesome artwork is very realistic and...

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Pow Wow

pow wow white wall  

Pow Wow is a collective of contemporary artists from Hawaii, especially graffiti artists. it is been now more than a year that these artists travel around the world through art festivals to give colors and shapes to those sad white walls wit...

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Dr Woo

Dr Woo Tattoo needle  

Dr Woo is a very talented tattooist who lives in Los Angeles, USA. He focuses his work on thin grey lines with a lot of details. It seems he wants to create textures with the motto “less is more”. He is very accurate and creative and...

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WeSC – Spring 2014 collection

WeSC ladies  

The famous streetwear and headphones brand WeSC presents its new clothing collection for this Spring entitled The Superlative Conspiracy. Widely inspired by incas and native americans cultures, WeSC created a wonderful collection me...

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Well dressed animals with rap quotes

Well Dressed animals with rap quotes  

Well the title said it all. This series of illustrations shows various animals fancy-dressed with a random famous rap quote below it. The result is a very funny and creative series of motivation posters. If you are looking for a new wallpape...

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This Is Not A Toy

this is not a toy pharrell williams arash moallemi  

The world famous singer Pharrell Williams become the co-curator of an exhibit in Toronto, Canada entitled This Is Not A Toy. This exhibition shows the growing market of art toys and collectibles, objects that are called toys but are not mea...

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Etam Cru

Etam Cru jam  

Etam Cru is a duo of two talented polish artists, Sainer and Bezt. They love to painted on gigantic scale murals like buildings and house walls. Their works are fantastic and surrealistic with often a touch of humor. They travel all over the w...

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Jane Perkins – Recycled Art

Jane Perkins black guy  

Jane Perkins is a UK-Based artist and she is very creative. She creates beautiful and realistic artwork with found objects. from buttons to empty bottles, jane can make a masterpiece using only junks. That is possibly the best way to recycl...

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ESA – Images of the Earth

ESA european space agency Image of the Earth  

The European Space Agency (ESA) just released a collection of pictures of the Earth taken from satellites. And we can easily say that our blue planet is quite gorgeous. Discover places, landscapes and colors you didn’t imagine they...

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Fred & Farid – Rear Horsepower

Fred & Farid Rear Horsepower Porsche 911 3  

Fred & Farid is a french communication agency, based in Paris and Shanghai. They created a very creative campaign for Porsche and its new Porsche 911. In fact, the main characteristic of the Porsche 911 is that the engine is placed behi...

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Sponso – Design on Fire by Bic

Design on Fire Bic Tetris  

Once again, Bic challenges you to draw an amazing decor lighter with its Design on Fire contest from January 14th to March 13h. From flame to fame, imagine a whole new decor via Bic’s Facebook page. The winner will get 5,000€ and the sec...

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Damien Vignaux aka Elroy

Damien Vignaux Elroy Boxing girl  

Damien Vignaux aka Elroy is an art director and a freelance graphic designer. He is french but lives in Berlin. Elroy is a real artist and he is very polyvalent. From fashion and lifestyle photography to Short films through graphic illustra...

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