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JPS Street Art

JPS Street Art – Bear  

JPS is a young artist invading the streets of our world with critical images and beautiful thoughts. Playing on both words (hash/tag, Star Wars / Force) and with the aesthetic offered by the environment, he draws on the walls, the rocks, the...

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Ooli Mos – Black and White II

Ooli Mos Bike  

Ooli Mos is a very skilled artist based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. He is specialized in illustration and graphic design. Ooli focuses his work drawing minimalist and powerful pictures. Check out this cool series of black and white drawi...

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Foreal – Tropical Blast

Foreal Tropical Blast ananas 2  

Foreal is a young German design studio created by Benjamin Simon and Dirk Schuster. One of their latest project entitled Tropical Blast is really creative. They focused their work on mixing different styles and technics to create an impre...

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Mike Campau – Living Sculptures

Mike Campau – Living Sculptures  

We never feature an artist twice in the same 6 months, but we have to admit it, Mike Campau is impressing us. After In the Corner with Tim Tadder, he decided to go solo with Living Sculptures. This master of digital art just signed an amazing ser...

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Inflatable Vegetables

Inflatable vegetables – Pineapple  

Tobias Stierli from the advertising agency Ruf Lanz was given the mission to promote the new opening of Hiltl, a vegetarian restaurant. Located in lakeside resorts, the restaurant will now see displayed in his communication, a beautiful...

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Jude Buffum – 8-bit butcher diagrams

Jude Buffum 8 bit butcher diagrams bowser  

Jude Buffum is an american illustrator and graphic designer living in Philadelphia. He is specialized in pixel art and retro gaming. His latest cool series entitled 8-bit butcher diagrams shows the edible parts of Nintendo animal charac...

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Ronan Lynam

Ronan Lynam cloud  

Ronan Lynam is an american illustrator living in Philadelphia. He is widely inspired by the pop culture and especially the video games. He created an awesome series of pictures from the Nintendo’s iconic plumber Mario’s wor...

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Brandi Milne

Brandi Milne Autsch  

Brandi Milne is a talented illustrator living in Orange County, California. She has a very unique style, mixing psychedelic pictures with morbid and sensual references. Her wonderful drawings have a lot of details and drag the public int...

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Evan Wondoloski – Made of Money

evan wondoloski portraits made of money 50 cent  

Evan Wondoloski is a talented and creative artist who is clearly obsessed with money. As far as he remember, money takes a really important part in his life. So he decided to create portraits of famous men, entirely made out of money currency...

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Justin Maller – Helmetica

Justin Maller helmetica daft punk 2  

Justin Maller is an Australian freelance illustrator and art director based in New York City. On of his latest project, called Helmetica is quite amazing. He draw with straight lines and vectorial style the most iconic helmets of pop cultu...

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Chase Conley

Chase Conley afro  

Chase Conley just loves sketching and drawing all day long. He takes his inspiration in the pop culture, mostly the comics to offer us awesome illustrations of cool guys, big guns and sexy girls. His pictures are highly detailed every sketc...

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Scott Johnson – Pixel Interpretation

Scott Johnson 8 bit pixel art link zelda  

Scott Johnson is a skilled illustrator who creates hilarious small web comics. He grew up with the first generations of gaming devices and lived the golden age of Nintendo. In his series Pixel Interpretation, he decided to give life to his c...

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Tânia Falcão & Avelar Lucas

Tânia Falcão Avelar Lucas  

Tânia Falcão & Avelar Lucas are a married couple of skilled artists from Portugal. Designers, musicians and illustrators, Tânia & Avelar created their own illustration project simply called Falaco Lucas. They have a cool uni...

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Brian Mashburn

brian mashburn ambush  

Brian Mashburn is an American illustrator who lives and works in Asheville, North Carolina. His latest pieces of work are exhibited at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles. Brian’s pictures are highly detailed and so accurate we coul...

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Antonio Rodrigues Jr – Better With Flowers

Antonio Rodrigues Jr better with flowers 2  

Antonio Rodrigues Jr is a Brazilian Designer living in Brasilia. He is specialized in graphic design, illustration and typography. His latest project entitled Better With Flowers is as beautiful as funny. He decided to write common swea...

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Oleg Gert

Oleg Gert anchor  

Oleg Gert is a talented Russian illustrator with an endless imagination. He is widely interested in our modern societies and lifestyle trends. His drawing style is also a little bit inspired by the cartoons of the late 30s however he never f...

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