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Xavier Casalta

Xavier Casalta Daft punk  

Xavier Casalta is a one of a kind french graphic designer. He is specialized in hand lettering and illustration and he uses a special technique based in dots. The result is simply amazing. Xavier is inspired and influenced by pop culture, es...

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Sergi Brosa

Sergi Brosa wasteland pirates  

Sergi Brosa is a spanish illustrator, character designer and digital artist who lives in Barcelona. His artwork is widely inspired an influenced by pop culture and post-apocalyptic universes like the video game Borderlands. Sergi is ve...

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Chinese American Museum – L.A. Heat

L.A. Heat Taste Changing Condiments Exhibition Sriracha Tapatio  

Over the past few years, the Sriracha and Tapacio sauces are taking a more and more important part in the american food culture. Indeed, these Chinese and Mexican spicy sauces rival the almighty Heinz Ketchup and Mustard for consumersR...

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Juxtapoz X Waves For Water

Juxtapoz Waves For Water Andrew Schoultz  

Juxtapoz, the monthly magazine about unconventional art, just teamed up with Waves For Water, a NGO aiming clean water to communities in need all around the world. They created together a series of surfboards, each one hand-painted by a di...

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Tuna Bora

tuna bora daft punk  

Tuna Bora is an illustrator based in Los Angeles. She is widely inspired and influenced by pop culture and especially video games and music. She painted a wonderful series of portraits of famous artists in the music industry. Every genre is...

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Viktor Miller-Gausa – 31 Day

Viktor Miller-Gausa 31 Day penelop cruz  

Viktor Miller-Gausa is a Russian illustrator and painter. He never drew caricatures before this project. 31 Day started with a bet with one of his friend who said Viktor cannot draw some caricatures of friends and famous people. So Viktor t...

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410 BC – Anatomist Apparel

410 BC Anatomist Apparel skull  

410 BC is a streetwear brand based in New York and Anatomist Apparel is its latest project. If you are a medical student and you are struggling to remember all the bones and muscles in the human body, this collection was made especially for you...

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James Gilleard

James Gilleard mario  

James Gilleard is a talented freelance illustrator and animator from London, United Kingdom. He is specialized in digital art and character design. Besides, he is inspired in pop culture such as movies, series, video games… Here i...

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Plastic Jesus

Plastic Jesus american express cocaine  

Plastic Jesus is an american artist from Los Angeles and the street is his playground. He has a lot of creativity and imagination when it comes to criticize our western society with a humor and irony. His awesome artwork is very realistic and...

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Ivan Belikov

Ivan Belikov chelyabinsk  

Ivan Belikov is an indépendant Russian illustrator from Chelyabinsk and he is very creative and talented. He created several emblems for social networks, countries and Russian cities. These emblems are so epic and colorful you can almos...

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Converse – Clash My Photo

Converse clash photo bike  

Converse, the world famous sneakers brand comes up with a funny and great idea intitled Clash my photo. With the help of four talented artists Marcos Cabrera , Blanca Miró , Münster studio and David Mendez, Converse Spain wants to redesign a...

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Pavel Mokich – Mokic Paul

Mokic Paul 1  

Pavel Mokich is an illustrator and a character designer from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. His latest series called Mokic Paul is both funny and creepy. Indeed, he draw fantastic creatures who look like extremely angry marshmallows. Enter in hi...

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Marty Cooper – Hombre McSteez

Marty Cooper Hombre McSteez  

Daily life can be kind of boring sometimes. That is why Marty Cooper created Hombre McSteez, his fantastic alter ego. Hombre McSteez shows us all the funny and little creatures, almost invisible to the naked eye, who populate our world. Dis...

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Dan Quintana

Dan Quintana  dunk  

Dan Quintana is a talented illustrator who lives in Los Angeles. He has a very accurate technique and an endless creativity. His artwork makes us wonder about life and death and our purpose on earth through beautiful, fantastic and morbid i...

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Bartosz Kosowski

Bartosz Kosowski wild pig  

Bartosz Kosowski is a Polish artist living in Lodz and he is specialized in portraits and illustrations. His illustration work is amazing, he is very talented and puts an incredible amount of details in his drawings. Besides, his artwork h...

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Ben Johnston

hand lettering ben johnston the right stuff  

Ben Johnston is a freelance illustrator and a designer who grew up in Cape Town and lives nowadays in Toronto. He is specialized in typographic illustrations and calligraphy. All his brilliant artwork is handmade and highly detailed and h...

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