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Tata&Friends – Rock Band Icons

Tata&Friends Rock Band Icons Alice in Chains  

Tata&Friends is a spanish graphic design studio with a lot of creative ideas. In their awesome series Rock Band Icons, they had fun playing with the name of the most famous rock bands, drawing them into literal minimalist graphics and...

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Jeremy Mann – Cityscapes

Jeremy Mann Cityscapes 1  

Jeremy Mann is an american painter living in San Francisco. He has a unique sensibility and his own way of painting, influenced by the impressionist movement, applying small paint stains here and there to finally offer us an amazing piece o...

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Stéphane Casier – Yeaaah Studio

Stéphane Casier yeaaah studio anchor  

Stéphane Casier is a french illustrator and graphic designer who lives in Paris. He created his own agency called Yeaaah Studio and has already work for many brands, especially in music and apparel industries. His drawings are widely insp...

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Rob Duenas

Rob Duenas boba fett  

Rob Duenas is a talented american illustrator. He is widely influenced and inspired by pop culture wether comics, movies or video games. His work is really impressive, he managed indeed to keep the the soul of the model adding in the same tim...

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History x Superheroes

History superheroes aquaman  

And this is what happened when you take historical black and white photographs and you photoshopped old school DC superheroes’ comics in it. And now you realize that what you learned in history class was totally false. Superman help...

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DaGhostProd – Artbook

DaGhostProd – 7 – 01  

His name is Pascal Cataye, he goes also by DaGhostProd and he is part of the Whitezine family. He created with us the first wallpapers participated in our photoshoot as graphic designer and he’s the co-founder of our brand Sayfat. Tha...

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Witchoria – Geometric Reflections

Witchoria Geometric Reflections  

Victoria Siemer aka Witchoria is a graphic designer and a photographer who lives in New York. In her latest series entitled Geometric Reflections, she shots beautiful natural landscapes, peaceful mountains and green hills. Then she add...

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Converse – Photo Clash

converse photo clash  

Converse is back with its art contest Photo Clash. A great idea to create a link between the artist and his public. This time, it is up to Katre, a french street artist. You can send your personal photos to him vis Twitter @Converse with the hash...

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Jug Cerovic – Standardized Metro Maps

jug cerovic metro maps barcelona  

Jug Cerovic is a French Serbian architect who decided to standardize the metro maps all around the world. Metro maps are indeed always different and can be very difficult to read correctly. Using standardized and worldly known icons, sche...

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Bunka Avengers  

Yann aka Bunka is a french illustrator and a toy and graphic designer. Inspired by pop culture and especially mangas and comics, Bunka creates his own fantastic world filled with colorful characters and street art styles. Here is just a sma...

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TocToc – Salut l’Artiste

TOCTOC x M. C. ESCHER  Relativité alice in wonderland  

TocToc is a french illustrator with a great sense of humor. His latest project entitled Salut l’Artiste is pretty funny and creative. Everyday, he adds his personal touch to a classic painting to eventually turn it into a gag. Check o...

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euclase the king  

Licia aka Euclase is a talented self-taught illustrator and digital artist. She simply likes drawing her favorite characters of movies and TV shows. And the result is so realistic that you can easily thought it was not a drawing but a genuin...

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Katerina Kamprani – The Uncomfortable

Katerina Kamprani The Uncomfortable watering can  

Katerina Kamprani is a talented architect and 3D designer living in Athens. She is a great dreamer and she is very creative. In her awesome series entitled The Uncomfortable, she had fun changing just a little detail to simple daily stuff, a...

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The Ladies of Ice and Fire

Game of thrones arianne martell  

Here is another awesome artwork inspired by Game of Thrones. This series draws almost every main female character you can meet in the story so far. Too bad Brienne of Tarth is missing but these drawings are quite amazing though. Try recogniz...

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Xavier Casalta

Xavier Casalta Daft punk  

Xavier Casalta is a one of a kind french graphic designer. He is specialized in hand lettering and illustration and he uses a special technique based in dots. The result is simply amazing. Xavier is inspired and influenced by pop culture, es...

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Sergi Brosa

Sergi Brosa wasteland pirates  

Sergi Brosa is a spanish illustrator, character designer and digital artist who lives in Barcelona. His artwork is widely inspired an influenced by pop culture and post-apocalyptic universes like the video game Borderlands. Sergi is ve...

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