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Amanda Vissel on Coarse

Amanda vissel Coarse 1  

Coarse, the famous art toy company, just signed a cool collaboration with the talented designer and sculptor Amanda Vissel. Three new 14 inches pieces representing cute nocturnal birds will be available in limited edition, only at rotof...

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Medicom Toy – 2014 Annual Exhibition

The 2014 Annual Medicom Toy Exhibition in Tokyo  

The 2014 Annual Medicom Toy Exhibition has took place this year in Tokyo. So we could admire unreleased limited edition pieces, collaborations such as Peanuts x A Bathing Ape and even real action hero figures. The exhibit has already close...

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Matthew Hirsch – Chocolate Resume

Matthew Hirsch chocolate bar resume cv  

Matthew Hirsch is a very creative but unemployed designer. So he decided to use his master skills to create an awesome and imaginative resume which will immediately convince the employers. Take a look to the first chocolate wrapped in Matt...

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BORTOLOTTO – House in Kings Cross

House Kings Cross BORTOLOTTO  

BORTOLOTTO is an architecture studio based in Canada and their latest located in King City project is simply amazing. They created a contemporary house composed of a cool blue roof which goes to the ground at one side of the house and the othe...

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Evan Wondoloski – Made of Money

evan wondoloski portraits made of money 50 cent  

Evan Wondoloski is a talented and creative artist who is clearly obsessed with money. As far as he remember, money takes a really important part in his life. So he decided to create portraits of famous men, entirely made out of money currency...

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PutPut – Sponge Popsicles

PUTPUT sponge popsicles  

PutPut is an interdisciplinary Swiss/Danish artist duo established in 2011 and currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Their latest project baptized Sponge Popsicles will certainly make you really hungry but it is only sponges and woo...

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Art We Heart – Plant Wall Art


Art We Heart is an awesome boutique based in LA with a cool ethics. They propose fresh and natural art products such as paper, plants, posters and books in order to bring closer the real beauty of our earth to the people. Take a look to this amazi...

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AR Design Studio – The Runners House

The Runners House AR Design Studio 2  

AR Design Studio just created an awesome extension to this family house located in the outskirts of Winchester, England. The Runners House has now a cool wooden room with a gigantic window giving some extra space to the house and without any...

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Dorothy Timmer – Game of Thrones Sigil

Simple Sigil Designs game of thrones house baratheon  

Dorothy Timmer is a young american independent graphic designer who lives in Florida. She is very skilled and she is widely interested in the whole pop culture. So she created an awesome series of Game of Thrones sigil, vectorial style. And...

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Sponso – Eye-Care by BenQ

benq eye care  

BenQ is a famous computer monitors manufacturer with a cool ethics. Their new Eye-care series is designed to take care of your eyes all day long, making you feel less tired at the end of the day. The screens are equipped with the Low Blue Light t...

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The Qwerkywriter

Qwerkywriter keyboard usb bluetooth  

Computers are now a big part of our modern lives and Keyboards are in fact becoming a little bit boring. A cool Kickstarter project wants to bring back the oldschool design of typewriters to create an awesome steampunk keyboard. Via USB or Bl...

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Blue Forest – Living The Highlife

blue forest living the highlife  

Blue Forest is a British design studio who just create the coolest tree house ever. The projet entitled Living The Highlife was for a whole family with children. This tree house evolved between two giant trees, and looks like a small but awes...

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Van Tjalle en Jasper – The Beat-Shelf

Van Tjalle en Jasper beat shelf  

Van Tjalle en Jasper are two talented Dutch designers who just create an awesome wooden shelf called the Beat-Shelf. These associates and friends designed this fine piece of furniture which looks exactly like an heart beat signal in hospi...

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Tongtong – Pool House

Poolhouse Tongtong  

Tongtong just revovated an amazing mid-century Pool House in Toronto, Canada. With a colorful and minimalist design, this cool house has won a whole new mordern skin perfectly matching the oldschool exterior, made out of wood and concret...

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Philips x Whitezine – Nuits Sonores

Philips whitezine nuits sonores  

The Nuits Sonores is a famous French music festival which took place in Lyon, from May the 25th to May the 29th. Collaborating wih Philips Lighting, Whitezine went there to present a th new Philips technologie called hue through 3 container...

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Simon Lamasa – Oral B Babies

Simon LAMASA oral B Babies  

Simon Lamasa is an Australian art director and concept provider working for Clemenger BBDO in Melbourne, Australia. His latest project entitled Oral B Babies is quite creative. He manages to show through two funny pictures how the new Ora...

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