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Gagan Design – Peg Lamp

Gagan Design Peg Lamp 1  

Gagan Singh, the director of Gagan Design, is passionate by aviation and is a confirmed pilot though. He created an amazing minimalist lamp, mixing handcraft wood and colorful and eco-friendly LED lights. The Peg Lamp is certainly one of h...

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Marc Gerritsen – Naked House

Naked House Marc Gerritsen  

Marc Gerritsen is an architect and a photographer and this is his latest project. He just finished a amazing beach house for him on a Thai Island. The Naked House is in fact almost naked : There is absolutely no walls around the house except for...

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Bouroullec X Glas Italia

bouroullec glas italia  

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec teams up with Glas Italia to create a amazing series of glassed furniture. Desks, tables and even sofas, This new line of furniture interweaves transparency and pastel colors, glass and some wooden finition...

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Archi-Union Architects – Tea House

Archi-Union Architects tea house shanghai  

Archi-Union Architects recently designed a fabulous Tea House in the backyard of their office in Shanghai. Using almost only raw materials and cement this house looks a lot like an hidden cavern. The glass wall and the shades of grey interw...

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Dreamy Camera Cafe

dreamy camera cafe south Korea camera  

The Dreamy Camera Cafe is a coffee shop in the South Korean suburb shaped as a a vintage Rolleiflex twin lens camera. It is a total lookalike through the colors and the fake giant buttons. The lens are in fact the windows to enjoy the beautiful K...

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Adidas X Monster

adidas monster headphones  

Adidas, the famous german streetwear brand teams up with Monster to create a whole new line of high quality headphones. These awesome headphones are equipped with the Pure Monster Sound technology, a superior noise isolation, a sweat pro...

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Anotnio Brasko – Brandalism

Anotnio Brasko Brandalism hermes  

Anotnio Brasko recently host an exhibit at The Seventh Letter Gallery in Los Angeles entitled Brandalism. Antonio wants to show through a series of branded spray paint cans the different influences between street art and fashion. These c...

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Jae Young Jang – Circle

Jae Young Jang Circle belkin smartphone charger speaker dock 4  

Designed by Jae Young Jang for Belkin, a manufacturer of consumer electronics, specialized in connectivity devices, Circle is both a speaker and a phone charger. equipped with Bluetooth and QI technologies, all you have to do is to put you...

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Blee Halligan Architects – Bungalow Triptych

Blee Halligan Architects Bungalow Triptych  

Blee Halligan Architects recently finished a three-roofed extension house in Manchester, England. The Bungalow Triptych is designed to catch sunlight from three directions during the day and to offer a beautiful view on the garden. Thi...

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Alric Galindez Architects – Casa S

Alric Galindez Architects Casa S 12  

Alric Galindez Architects just finished this amazing house which seems coming directly from another planet. The Casa S, located in Argentina, is a fine combination of stone cubes linked by glassed hallway. The interior design is very bri...

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Action Hero Toolkit

macgyver toolkit  

On March, the 23h was the birthday of an iconic 80s TV hero with an amazing mullet haircut : MacGyver. He was the man and anything was impossible for him. With this awesome Action Hero Toolkit, you can now be like your favorite hero and do incred...

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45 degree Pin-Down

Jeon Youngwon Jeong Eunji 45 degree Pin-Down 3  

Designed by the two talented designers Jeon Youngwon and Jeong Eunji, the 45 degree Pin-Down is surely becoming one of the must-have for any camping lovers. Indeed, it allows to use only your foot to easily pitching your tent. You can now thr...

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NLE – Makoko Floating School

nlé floating school nigeria  

Makoko is a Nigerian historic water community living at the lagoon heart of Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos. NLE‘s architects and designers created this school project to warn the Nigerian population about the importance of social...

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Studioin – Vodka Democracy

STUDIOIN vodka democracy  

Studioin is a Russian design agency with a lot of humor and sarcasm. They recently worked on a vodka bottle concept called Vodka Democracy which looks exactly like a bomb. As the matter of fact, Studioin wants to raise awareness about the mai...

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Shibui – homewares

shibui coat rack  

Shibui is a hand-crafted homewares and accessories company based in Switzerland, following the Japanese shibui philosophy of a simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty. Created by the two designers Constantino Hoursoglou and Athanasi...

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Magnetic Kitchen – Laser Engraved Skate Decks

magnetic kitchen laser engraved skateboard  

Magnetic Kitchen is a creative design agency based in New York City. They work with laser-cutting technology for year and they recently start a Kickstarter campaign to fund their new amazing projects : Laser Engraved Skate Decks. And it lo...

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