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Michiel Van Den Berg – 30 Isometric Renders in 30 Days

Michiel van den Berg 30 isometric renders in 30 days amp  

Michiel Van Den Berg is a freelance Dutch 3D designer who lives in Amsterdam. His latest project entitled 30 Isometric Renders in 30 Days is quite amazing. It is all in the title. With a 3D printer, he created 30 awesome isometric objects, one...

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Baumraum – Scoot Troup Tree House

Treehouse Djuren Baumraum  

Baumraum Studio just finished the coolest tree house ever built near Wolfsburg in Germany. The Scoot Troop Tree House is entirely made out of wood with huge windows around the caban. There are only two big rooms, the bedroom and the dining ro...

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Matthew Finlason Design – House renovation

Matthew Finlason Design renovation house  

Matthew Finlason Design recently renovate a family home in the Los Angeles neighborhood. This one million dollar house gained value with a new modern design. On the exterior first, the walls has now a sober and cool white and wooden color. T...

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Jingwei Dang x Bose – CloudLink

Jingwei Dang Bose CloudLink speaker wifi bluetooth  

Jingwei Dang is a designer working for the famous sound system company Bose. He recently finished a very creative and innovative smart speaker called the CloudLink. A Bluetooth speaker is quite cool, it is a fact. However, the music stops w...

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BmasC Architects – Huete House

BmasC Architects Huete House  

BmasC Architects recently finished an astonishing house in Muñopepe, Spain. The Huete House seems to be a combination of concrete blocks with a contemporary two-faced design. The first side is a bright house with huge glass walls while th...

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International Royal Architecture – KHT House

KHT house international royal architecture  

International Royal Architecture just finished an amazing home in the Yamagata prefecture, Japan. The KHT House is a dual family home with an original curved roof and dark black walls. The ground floor level is provided by the oldest membe...

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Altius Architecture – North Kingsway House

North Kingsway House Altius Architecture  

Altius Architecture recently finished an amazing family home in Toronto, Quebec. This house called the North Kingsway House is a beautiful home with very modern design in its shapes and colors choices. The huge windows let the natural lig...

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Kelly Robinson & Kinzo Berlin – Soundcloud Berlin HQ

Kelly Robinson Kinzo Berlin Soundcloud HQ headquarters  

The design studio Kinzo Berlin signed a collaboration with the interior designer Kelly Robinson to create the new Soundcloud Berlin Headquarters. With an ultra minimalist design and using mostly raw materials, this new building looks m...

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POP+DOTS – Casa Conceptos Interior

Alejandro Preciado Pop+Dots wood  

POP+DOTS is an experimental design studio based in Guadalajara. Its designers just finished the interior of the Casa Conceptos, a gallery in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico. They only used reclaimed wood such as wooden crates to create a wo...

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MM++ architects – Oceanique villas

oceanique villas MM++ architects  

MM++ architects recently finished a wonderful house in Vietnam entitled the Oceanique Villas. This paradisiac house is literally two step near the beach. With its white walls and its gigantic windows, the villa has a very modern design. B...

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Gourmet & Culprit Collective – Upskirts

Gourmet Culprit Collective Upskirts summer 2014  

Gourmet Footwear just signed a collaboration with Culprit Collective for its new summer collection lookbook entitled Upskirts. They created an awesome and original lookbook halfway between video and illustration. Like the title sugg...

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La Boca – Classic Movies Posters

classic movies posters la boca good bad ugly  

La Boca is an independent English design studio specialized in illustration and image-making. They recently decided to design new posters for some classic movies such as Rocky or the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. These new posters have a grea...

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Creatables Labs – Project NESM

Creatables Labs Project NESM  

Creatables Labs recently launched a Kickstarter campaign which brings us back in the early 90s. The project NESM, for Never Ending Slinky Machine is exactly what you imagine. They created a small usb-powered treadmill and all you have to d...

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AKKA – Polygon Project

akka studio polygon project clint eastwood  

AKKA is a French design studio based in Caen and created by Nicolas Fauvel. One of his latest project is entitled Polygon Project. He recreated famous portraits of actors and movies character only with polygons. And the result is simply awe...

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TM – Inspiration Pad

tmsprl inspiration pad notebook 2  

TM is a design and advertising studio based in Brussels, Belgium. TM aims for innovative and fresh products in every fields possible. TM’s latest creation is an awesome notebook called the inspiration pad. And it is certainly not li...

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Coarse – Omen Blink

Omen Blink Coarse Summer 2014  

Coarse, the famous manufacturer of fine art toys, will soon release its latest creation for summer 2014 entitled Omen Blink. The cute birds will be available in 4 different models, including one which ignited and one in black and white. And...

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