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Nike – Templo Mayor Skatepark

NIKE templo mayor skatepark mexico city  

Nike Skateboards has collaborated with California Skateparks to create an awesome skatepark in Mexico City. The Templo Mayor has a very atypic design, paying a cool tribute to the pre-columbian civilizations and especially the Aztec ci...

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Orée – Minimalist Wood tech accessories

Orée wood minimalist tech accessories  

Orée is a tech accessories manufacturer focusing his work about natural and eco-friendly products. Its latest creation is an awesome set of accessories made out of wood and marble. These fine tech accessories will certainly give a cool mi...

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Ludovic Ismael & Nicolas Delille – Rock Heads

ludovic ismael nicolas delille rock head arcade  

What happened when a photographer, Ludovic Ismael and a 3D designer, Nicolas Delille, both rock music lovers, decided to collaborate ? Well, they simply create an awesome series entitled Rock Heads representing their favorite rock band...

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Bourbon Barrel Skateboards

Bourbon Barrel Skateboards  

This certainly one of the weirdest but coolest Kickstarter project. Bourbon Barrel Skateboards is literally skateboards wheels put on Bourbon Barrel boards. It has even the hole in the center. You can choose between Jive the cruiser one o...

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Teague & Sizemore – Denny

Teague Sizemore Denny  

This is certainly the coolest bike I have ever seen. Created by Teague and Sizemore, the Denny has a very modern design with minimalist lines, geometry and colors. This bike has a detachable two-wheeler becoming a quick stop handlebar lock...

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Cycles Lelapin – Fernand


Cycles Lelapin is a French bike company based in Strasbourg. They recently handcrafted and customized an awesome bicycle baptized Fernand. Named after his previous owner, this new vintage bike interweave perfectly old-school accesso...

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John Williamson – No Fit State Clothing

No Fit State Clothing  

No Fit State Clothing or simply NFS is a British label created in 2012 at Birmingham. Its founder, John Williamson, is a skilled graphic designer with an endless imagination. Collaborating with many artists like om Gilmour, Curse/Gift, B...

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Statues taking selfies

statues selfies ireland’s crawford art gallery  

The statues of the Crawford art gallery in Ireland are quite in the hype. In fact, life can be boring in a museum so they started to take selfies to kill some time. And the result is a success but it is quite disturbing too to see hundreds-year-ol...

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Lucy Sparrow – The Felt Cornershop

The Felt Cornershop Lucy Sparrow  

Lucy Sparrow is a conceptual artist with an awesome knitting skill. She just opened a grocery store in London until August the 31. However, The Felt Cornershop is more a sensitive and tactile experience than a real store. indeed, all the gro...

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Zuk Club – Lugano Skatepark

zuk club lugano skatepark sundial  

Zuk Club is a cool art collective filled with skilled and creative street artists based in Moscow, Russia. They have been chosen to paint the Lugano Skatepark located in Switzerland and they did an amazing job. With vibrant colors and fine h...

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Lego Architecture Studio

Lego Architecture Studio  

The famous Danish toy factory Lego is all grown up. It recently launched a new collection entitled Lego Architecture Studio , perfect for everyone who one day dreamt to be a successful architect. This set contains 1200 white blocks of diffe...

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The “Bus” Bus stop

Bus Stop  

Beautifully designed, this bus stop is nothing more than a typographic sculptures refraining the word “BUS”. Made out of a classy wood, the piece of urban art was conceived by Emilio Alarcón, Alberto Alarcón, Ciro Márquez, &...

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Sir Jonathan Ive’s San Francisco house

Sir Jonathan Ive San Francisco Apple  

Sir Jonathan Ive is the man responsible for Apple‘s slick design language and he has an incredible house in San Francisco. Far away from the stereotypes of the high tech guy, this house has a huge british touch with wooden and simple furnitur...

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Sofista – modular sofa

Sofista – modular sofa 2  

This couch isn’t actually a couch. It is way more than this. You just need to move a little bit the arms to create not one, but two others chairs to use. The whole thing, named Sofista is created by Fabrizio Simonetti, a designer at Formab...

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FormNation – E-Ink Phone

e-Ink phone FormNation  

FormNation is design studio filled with creative and skilled creators who just create an awesome basic smartphone. The E-Ink Phone was designed for those who doesn’t need tons of applications. The best about this cool black and whi...

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Gavin Maddock Design Studio – Pearl Bay Residence

Pearl Bay Residence Gavin Maddock Design Studio  

Gavin Maddock Design Studio created an awesome beach villa in Yzerfontein at 90kms north of Cape Town, South Africa. The Pearl Bay Residence has a cool modern design and is totally open on the exterior and of course on the ocean. Clearly a pea...

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