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Gilbert Legrand

Gilbert Legrand axe  

Gilbert Legrand is a French graphic designer and an artist with an endless imaginations and fine sense of humor. He likes to take daily life stuffs to create funny characters telling stories and doing puns titling each piece of his work. Enj...

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Stain Korntved Ruud – Spoons

Stain Korntved Ruud spoon year  

Stain Korntved Ruud is a Norwegian designer who found this a new hobby. Indeed, he decided to carve a wooden spoon per day to explore different technics, styles and designs of carving, using also different kinds of wood.He has already carve...

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WAACS Design – Dot Matrix Microwave

WAACS Design Dot Matrix Microwave  

WAACS Design just reinvented the Microwave. With a cool and minimalist design, the Dot Matrix Microwave is the most user-friendly microwave ever. With more than 2 million pixel LCD and 3 different smooth colors, this microwave will soon b...

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Marble Boy

Marble Boy Clothing  

Marble Boy is a Scottish streetwear company created in 2014 which is specialized in AllOver t-shirts, numerically printed. Using cool and smooth colors, marble Boy designs fresh hipsters shirts inspired by street art and actual fashion...

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Sebastien Errazuriz – 12 shoes for 12 lovers

Sebastien Errazuriz 12 shoes for 12 lovers Alexandra Cry Baby  

Sebastien Errazuriz is a Chile artist and designer living in New York. with a fine sense of humor, he decided to create 12 shoes representing his 12 former lovers. These cool shoes are not very tender with those girls despite their imaginati...

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Makelab & HERObike – Beacon Alley Skateboards

makelab HERObike skateboards bamboo  

The Design studio Makelab teamed up with HERObike to create an interesting Kickstarter Project in order to make eco-friendly bamboo skateboards and creating local employment at the same time. The Beacon Alley Skateboards is a cool win-w...

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The Pussy Cat Riot Scratchers

The Pussy Cat Riot – Kim Jong Un  

Besides Femen or Amnesty International or any organization created by humans, there’s only one organization that you cannot deny will defend the human & liberty rights with the agreement of every body on this planet : The Puss...

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Rémy Martin X ECAL – Remyxologie

Rémy Martin X ECAL Remyxologie  

For this year Paris Design Week, Rémy Martin collaborated with 10 talented students from ECAL, an Art school in Lausanne, to recreate subtle and delicious cocktails recipes. That is the spirit of the Remyxologie, mixing audacious ingred...

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Maria Rubinke

Maria Rubinke creepy porcelain sculptures  

Maria Rubinke is a Danish artist who makes strange and creepy porcelain sculptures. Indeed, she created beautiful white children, red stained, faces cutted and bathing in their own blood. If you are not too sensitive, you can discover her...

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Josh Renouf – The Barisieur

Josh Renouf the Barisieur alarm clock coffee  

It is not your average alarm clock. This one wakes you up gently with the nice smell of freshly brewed coffee. Imagined and created by the British designer Josh Renouf, this awesome alarm clock looks like an old wooden rectangular alarm cloc...

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Hannah Simpson – Knitted Characters

cakeyvoice knitted evil dead  

Hannah Simpson aka Cakeyvoice is an Etsy user from Oxford and also a mom who loves knitting. She knit incredible and awesome characters from pop culture and especially iconic movies and sell them. You can easily recognize them and it is bare...

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Nike – Templo Mayor Skatepark

NIKE templo mayor skatepark mexico city  

Nike Skateboards has collaborated with California Skateparks to create an awesome skatepark in Mexico City. The Templo Mayor has a very atypic design, paying a cool tribute to the pre-columbian civilizations and especially the Aztec ci...

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Orée – Minimalist Wood tech accessories

Orée wood minimalist tech accessories  

Orée is a tech accessories manufacturer focusing his work about natural and eco-friendly products. Its latest creation is an awesome set of accessories made out of wood and marble. These fine tech accessories will certainly give a cool mi...

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Ludovic Ismael & Nicolas Delille – Rock Heads

ludovic ismael nicolas delille rock head arcade  

What happened when a photographer, Ludovic Ismael and a 3D designer, Nicolas Delille, both rock music lovers, decided to collaborate ? Well, they simply create an awesome series entitled Rock Heads representing their favorite rock band...

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Bourbon Barrel Skateboards

Bourbon Barrel Skateboards  

This certainly one of the weirdest but coolest Kickstarter project. Bourbon Barrel Skateboards is literally skateboards wheels put on Bourbon Barrel boards. It has even the hole in the center. You can choose between Jive the cruiser one o...

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Teague & Sizemore – Denny

Teague Sizemore Denny  

This is certainly the coolest bike I have ever seen. Created by Teague and Sizemore, the Denny has a very modern design with minimalist lines, geometry and colors. This bike has a detachable two-wheeler becoming a quick stop handlebar lock...

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