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Amnesty International x Coarse – Freedom Candles

Amnesty International x coarse – Freedom Candles –  Tackle Torture 1  

Mark Landwehr & Sven Waschk also known as Coarse are back with more than just art toys. The duet, used to designing vinyl pieces of art, went with another material this time for a special collaboration. Working along with Amnesty Inter...

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Ben Barrett-Forrest – The Design Deck

The Design Deck Ben Barrett-Forrest  

Ben Barrett-Forrest is a Canadian graphic designer working at Forrest Media. He recently launched his own kickstarter project : a playing card deck with a useful piece of design information on each card. The Design Deck is very nice and it h...

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Lo Siento – Olive & Sesame Oil

Olive Sesame Oil Lo Siento  

Lo Siento is a spanish design agency which recently create an amazing packaging for an Olive & Sesame Oil. With an industrial raw design and a very cool typography, this golden oil bottle sure knows how to catch attention. Discover the...

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Philips – Senseo Up

senseo up black  

Philips recently announced its new Senseo coffee machine, the Senseo Up. At first sight, we can say that they work really hard on the design. Even if this new Senseo is still compact, its design makes it longer and classier. Besides, the Sens...

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Magnetic Organization System

Reign23 MOS Magnetic Organization System cables  

A minimalist and cool object to keep your cables from falling from your desk. The Magnetic Organization System aka MOS is nowadays the best and simplest solution to hold all your cables together. The MOS is available at for $40.

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Carterwilliamson Architects – Green House

Green House Carterwilliamson Architects 2  

Carterwilliamson Architects just finished an amazing family house near Sydney, Australia. The Green House have two large bay windows opened onto the garden which give to the interior brightness and a welcoming feel of fresh air. The roof...

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Joli Originals

Joli Originals iphone 2  

Joli Originals is a small dutch company based in Amsterdam manufacturing genuine leather sleeves for Apple devices, wallets and even passport sleeves. These awesome products are products are made out of high quality materials and every...

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Jug Cerovic – Standardized Metro Maps

jug cerovic metro maps barcelona  

Jug Cerovic is a French Serbian architect who decided to standardize the metro maps all around the world. Metro maps are indeed always different and can be very difficult to read correctly. Using standardized and worldly known icons, sche...

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Soundfreaq – Sound Rise

Soundfreaq Sound Rise alarm Clock  

Soundfreaq just created an alarm clock designed with an beautiful vintage look and equipped with modern features. For instance, you can charge your smartphone while you are sleeping and you will wake up listening your favorite tunes via b...

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Techne Architects – Prahran Hotel

prahran hotel techne architects 2  

Techne Architects have found a very creative way to use a series of huge concrete pipes in oder to renovate the Prahran Hotel in Victoria, Australia. The Pipes are placed to looks like wine barrels on the exterior and are filled with wooden ta...

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McCann Vilnius – Wine in a paint bucket

Wine paint bucket beaujolais nouveau McCann Vilnius  

McCann Vilnius is a design agency based in Lithuania. One of its latest project might seem weird however it is quite creative and inspired. They created a purple paint bucket packaging for the Beaujolais Nouveau, a french wine produced ann...

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Gagan Design – Peg Lamp

Gagan Design Peg Lamp 1  

Gagan Singh, the director of Gagan Design, is passionate by aviation and is a confirmed pilot though. He created an amazing minimalist lamp, mixing handcraft wood and colorful and eco-friendly LED lights. The Peg Lamp is certainly one of h...

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Marc Gerritsen – Naked House

Naked House Marc Gerritsen  

Marc Gerritsen is an architect and a photographer and this is his latest project. He just finished a amazing beach house for him on a Thai Island. The Naked House is in fact almost naked : There is absolutely no walls around the house except for...

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Bouroullec X Glas Italia

bouroullec glas italia  

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec teams up with Glas Italia to create a amazing series of glassed furniture. Desks, tables and even sofas, This new line of furniture interweaves transparency and pastel colors, glass and some wooden finition...

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Archi-Union Architects – Tea House

Archi-Union Architects tea house shanghai  

Archi-Union Architects recently designed a fabulous Tea House in the backyard of their office in Shanghai. Using almost only raw materials and cement this house looks a lot like an hidden cavern. The glass wall and the shades of grey interw...

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Dreamy Camera Cafe

dreamy camera cafe south Korea camera  

The Dreamy Camera Cafe is a coffee shop in the South Korean suburb shaped as a a vintage Rolleiflex twin lens camera. It is a total lookalike through the colors and the fake giant buttons. The lens are in fact the windows to enjoy the beautiful K...

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