Scoopedesign – Superbambi

superbambi chair scoope design  

Scoopedesign recently created an amazing chair which has in fact many functions and not only as a chair. Indeed, this two-pieces chair called Superbambi can switch from chair to children desk, a stool, a stepladder, and even a bedside coat...

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Klaus Pichler – photography

Just the two of us Klaus Pichler  

Klaus Pischler is an austrian photographer born in 1977. In 2005 he graduated from the University of Life Sciences majoring in landscape architecture. He is interested in cosplaying and especially how cosplayers live their daily lives....

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Joshua Kogan

Joshua Kogan – Editorial  

Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Marie-Claire and Grazia already worked with him. From Skate, to Fashion, passing by conceptual portraits, Joshua Kogan creates images you’d remember. Not afraid of going into the risky Nude phot...

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Brixton Spring 2013

Brixton Spring 2013  

Brixton is back with its new video lookbook for their Spring Collection for 2013 and it’s quite cool. Having a minimum focus on the faces of their models, Brixton brings here a new human dimension for their brand. Of course the skate &#...

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Fredrik Wannerstedt

Fredrik Wannerstedt – Bottomless  

Fredrik Wannerstedt is a very talented swedish photographer shooting mostly women. Particularly active in the fashion field he does allow himself to go all the way with portraits & nudity. His photographs are quite stunning. Disco...

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Lanvin Store – New York City

Lanvin Store – New York City 2  

After the launch of his women’s shop locations last year, Lanvin is going all the way with retail with a store dedicated for men’s apparel & accessories. It’s in the heart of New York City that fan from all over the wo...

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Corey Arnold

Corey Arnold – Bed  

Corey Arnold has two passion in life that you didn’t think would match. Besides being an awesome photographer, he’s a damn good fisher. And when you combine his two passions you get some amazing clichés taken from out of nowher...

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Clement Demarquet


Clement Demarquet is a photography newbie. Only 3 years taking pictures, but a lot of talents and envy hunts this artist. Inspired by Paolo Roversi, Clement Demarquet likes to play with colors and lights, and tries to unveal a sensuality fe...

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Portraits by Michael Lavine

michael Lavine Jay Z  

Just like Jao Canziani, Michael Lavine is an awesome photographer with a speciality: Celebrities portraits. Going more into Show business and music, Michael Lavine had the chance to photoshoot Jay-Z, Eminem, 50 Cent, Outkast, the White...

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Jackson Vs Bean


What if Michael Jackson and Mr Bean had a dancing fight ? The Robot or the moonwalk, which dance for wich personality ? The pop king vs the english funny guy. An awesome Stop Motion made by Patrick Boivin, already online since a couple weeks now...

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Win 5 mixtapes Steezmatic


We Already talked about Mateusz Sypien, and his lifestyle was clearly showed in his work. In fact, Matt sent us 5 mixtapes of the first Steezmatic mixtapes. It’s a Hip hop Electro Mixtape coming straight from Poland ! The Steezmatic t...

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Dan Tobin Smith


Famous for his “letters in space” made for his own portfolio, or recently for The Blueprint 3 album of Jay-Z, Dan tobin Smith is now a major actor in the photography actual world. Here’s a look at the portfolio of an amazin...

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Oscar Mora


Oscar Mora is a Mexican Web Designer and illustrator living in Oaxaca de Juarez. His works goes from a simple Web Design to a whole fresh branding. He also was on the Editorial and on the Graphic Design tasks for Digital Magazine. You can check...

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Trevor Brady


Trevor Brady is a Canadian photographer who made out of fashion photography his speciality. With a little bit of advertising, Trevor found the perfect balance to perfect photos. You can visit his website and of course check out a part of his...

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Follow us on Twitter + Facebook + Birthday


You’re a twitter user ? or a facebook addict ? Wanna join us there ? You can now follow @whitezine on Twitter. It’s mostly the articles of the blog, being tweeted, but also the “community links” of the blog. So if you...

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First Impression


Appie Busser loves photography and photography manipulation. He lives from his passion, living in the Netherlands. Recently he created a new photography serie called First Impression. We can see people’s faces covered with a yel...

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