about whitezine.com

about whitezine.com

Whitezine is a web magazine about inspiration. It includes Digital Arts (photography, graphic-design, motions…) and Trends (Fashion, Design, Architecture, Arts…). We treat those subjects with the frequency of two or three articles a day. Whitezine was opened on 29th May 2009, and since then starting growing day after day to become a reference in the Design blogosphere. On January 2010, Whitezine count more than 700 readers (RSS and Newsletter), and makes 50.000 visitors per month. Our readers are men and women from 18 to 45 years.

Whitezine has been featured on a lot of big blogs from around the world, including notcot.org, designyoutrust.com, boingboing.net, Nowhereelse.fr, dirty.ru, emob.fr, uniwatchblog.com, jimmyr.com, fabio.com.ar, wisibility.com, gugazine.com, elastika.org… and even won the contest of the Battle of the blogs.

Feel free to email us for any news, giveaway, press mail, or advertising. Whitezine is a great way to advertise for your brand, product or website. They already advertised here : Seiko, Philips, Estime, Withings, Faguo Shoes, MonsieurSteve, Archiduchesse, Failke, Piado…
You can of course email us, just to say hey, or to ask us for some Whitezine Stickers. We encourage you, if you like our blog, to become Fan of Whitezine on Facebook, or to follow Our twitter account.

My Name is Joseph Ayoub, and i’m the administrator and writer of Whitezine’s blog. You can follow me on Twitter and add me on Facebook.

Whitezine is edited on WordPress, theme integration, theme design, WordPress setup and dev by Fabien Thomas from labwp.

Thanks for visiting Whitezine.

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