Antonio Rodrigues Jr – Better With Flowers

Antonio Rodrigues Jr better with flowers 2  

Antonio Rodrigues Jr is a Brazilian Designer living in Brasilia. He is specialized in graphic design, illustration and typography. His latest project entitled Better With Flowers is as beautiful as funny. He decided to write common swea...

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Scale Short  

Everything on this earth is a matter of scale. Take the fish as an example. A goldfish is nothing but a small & tiny creature to any human on this earth. But that same goldfish is a giant predator when it comes to tiny plants in a fishtank. Sc...

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Mahmoud Refaat – Cute Yellow

Mahmoud Refaat Cute Yellow homer simpson  

Mahmoud Refaat is an illustrator and graphic designer who lives in Cairo, Egypt. In his series entitled Cute yellow, Mahmoud shows us with a fine touch of humor the real anatomy of the most iconic cartoons yellow characters such as Homer Sim...

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Russell Houghten – Urban Isolation

Russell Houghten Urban Isolation  

Russell Houghten is a skilled director who certainly loves playing with his work, adding or removing elements, creating super cool short movies. Urban Isolation is one of them. He filmed a skater riding the streets of Los Angeles and used A...

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FormNation – E-Ink Phone

e-Ink phone FormNation  

FormNation is design studio filled with creative and skilled creators who just create an awesome basic smartphone. The E-Ink Phone was designed for those who doesn’t need tons of applications. The best about this cool black and whi...

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Gavin Maddock Design Studio – Pearl Bay Residence

Pearl Bay Residence Gavin Maddock Design Studio  

Gavin Maddock Design Studio created an awesome beach villa in Yzerfontein at 90kms north of Cape Town, South Africa. The Pearl Bay Residence has a cool modern design and is totally open on the exterior and of course on the ocean. Clearly a pea...

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Amanda Vissel on Coarse

Amanda vissel Coarse 1  

Coarse, the famous art toy company, just signed a cool collaboration with the talented designer and sculptor Amanda Vissel. Three new 14 inches pieces representing cute nocturnal birds will be available in limited edition, only at rotof...

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Medicom Toy – 2014 Annual Exhibition

The 2014 Annual Medicom Toy Exhibition in Tokyo  

The 2014 Annual Medicom Toy Exhibition has took place this year in Tokyo. So we could admire unreleased limited edition pieces, collaborations such as Peanuts x A Bathing Ape and even real action hero figures. The exhibit has already close...

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Sam Polcer – New York Bike Style

New York Bike Style Sam Polcer  

Sam Polcer is an american photographer living in New York City and specialized in portraiture and lifestyle photography. His latest series entitled New York Bike Style shows the diversity of bikes and people riding them in the streets of t...

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Ronan Lynam

Ronan Lynam cloud  

Ronan Lynam is an american illustrator living in Philadelphia. He is widely inspired by the pop culture and especially the video games. He created an awesome series of pictures from the Nintendo’s iconic plumber Mario’s wor...

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Matthew Hirsch – Chocolate Resume

Matthew Hirsch chocolate bar resume cv  

Matthew Hirsch is a very creative but unemployed designer. So he decided to use his master skills to create an awesome and imaginative resume which will immediately convince the employers. Take a look to the first chocolate wrapped in Matt...

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