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  • Banksy-dismaland-8

    Dismaland: Banksy’s largest exhibition so far

    British street artist Banksy launched Dismaland, ‘the bemusement’ park. The park is the nightmare version of Disneyland, it is meant for disappointment rather than entertainment. The installations were built in the long neglected Tropicana amusement park. The exhibition features Banksy’s work alongside dozens of international artists. The brochure bluntly reads: Are you looking for an alternative to the soulless sugar-coated banality of ...

    On 21 August 2015 / By
  • Jenny Ayrton-miniature wonderlands in molten glass-1

    Jenny Ayrton captures miniatures in molten glass

    Jenny Ayrton is a british artist who crafts miniature stages and traps them in molten glass. The small scale set-ups are inspired by domestic spaces and public livings. As a mother, she tries to see the world through her daughters eyes hence the innocence and the randomness in her artwork. The floating yet imprisoned objects inside of a home-like environment reflect a ...

    On 18 August 2015 / By
  • wes anderson-Bad dads VI-Max Dalton

    Bad Dads VI is a weekend-long exhibition that pays tribute to Wes Anderson’s work

    Bad Dads is a weekend-long exhibition that takes place every year in the Joseph Gross Gallery in New York. This cultural event aims to pay tribute to Wes Anderson, a renown director who inspired generations of artists through the characters, the wardrobe, the art direction and the color palette that soon became his signature. This year, over 80 artists contributed to the ...

    On 18 August 2015 / By
  • kokuban art-chackboard art-4

    Kokuban or Chalkboard art is becoming big in Japan!

    Japanese Chalkboard maker held a contest for best chalkboard art, and now it is spreading throughout Japan. Also called Kokuban Art, this requires patience, an eye for details, and a high sense of shading. Using only white chalk you will be surprised at how meticulously a drawing was done. It somehow has a spiritual dimension to it, since the artists are aware of ...

    On 4 August 2015 / By
  • Catherine Thery-pas celles que vous croyez-3

    “Not the ones you think” is a powerful series of Barbie Photography by Catherine Théry

    Catherine Thery is a french artist who originally studied fine arts. However, her first job was a venture in the advertising world where she worked as an art director. That is when photography came into her life, a new means of expression. Her art is powerful, it often communicates a certain statement. Her latest exhibition included a series of photographs entitled “Not ...

    On 22 July 2015 / By

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