Leonardo Corredor

Leonardo Corredor black dress  

Leonardo Corredor is a young and talented american photographer specialized in fashion photography. And this is not just a job, it is his true passion. Leonardo manages to redefine the codes of fashion photography removing all the seriou...

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Gonzalo Palaveccino & Sergio Araya Caneo – Vape Insecticide

Vape Insecticide Gonzalo Palaveccino Sergio Araya Caneo  

Gonzalo Palaveccino & Sergio Araya Caneo are two talented art directors specialized in advertising and living in Dubaï. They work together for the Vape Insecticide campaign. A creative campaign which shows indeed that every insec...

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Jakub Skokan – Zoolandscape

zoolandscape jakub skokan  

Jakub Skokan is a freelance Czech artist who lives in Praha. In his cool project Zoolandscape, he decided to recreate the familiar and wild environments of animals living in a zoo in order to stimulate their instincts rather than simplifie...

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Marc Khachfe – Oh My Maps

Marc Khachfe Oh My Maps nighttime city chicago  

Marc Khachfe is a London-based artist fascinated by space. He perfectly mixes art and science to create awesome nighttime city maps all around the world composed of numerous layers of photographs and data. Discover the whole series entit...

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Dynamo – Le Petit Parisien

dynamo le petit parisien  

Dynamo is a design studio and this is its latest project. Le Petit Parisien is a genuine french bakery located in the heart of Dublin, Ireland. This fine bakery is influenced and inspired by the 1920s french capital city, Paris. So, fancy, si...

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Thomas Lamadieu

thomas lamadieu sky roots art  

Thomas Lamadieu is a french photographer and illustrator with a lot of humor and creativity. he decided to shoot cityscapes and buildings from the bottom to the top and he started to draw terrific bearded characters in the blue sky. That way...

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Kadavre Exquis – The Lava

kadavrexquis equateur lava 2  

Kadavre Exquis is a french graphic designer and animator who loves music. After working for one year with Skrillex, he realized a wonderful sci-fi video clip for the french electro-pop band Equateur. The Lava is a chilled and contemplativ...

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Léo Caillard – Street Stone Series

Léo Caillard street stone series hipster scluptures  

Léo Caillard is a french photographer who lives in Paris. In his latest series entitled Street Stone Series, he gets bored and decided to dress ancient sculptures with fashion streetwear clothes. And one sure thing is that these new clothe...

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Tássia Bianchini – Fear And Surrender

Tássia Bianchini fear and surrender rorschach  

Tássia Bianchini is a brazilian talented artist who knows how to mix different arts. In her series Fear And Surrender, she retouched photographs and painted over them to create beautiful scary pictures, inspired by the famous Rorschach t...

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STPMJ – Invisible Barn

the invisible barn  

STPMJ is a New-York-based design agency which just created this awesome Invisible Barn. Thanks to the right environment, this fully mirror dressed house is indeed almost entirely invisible at 360 degrees. A really cool project, ideal fo...

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Katre – Converse Photo Clash

Katre Converse photo clash 14  

Katre, the french street artist has closed the Converse Photo Clash contest saturday the 12th at the Royal Cheese shop, a streetwear store in Paris. All the customers left the shop with a customized photo, a genuine little piece of art which...

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