Antonio Rodrigues Jr – Better With Flowers

Antonio Rodrigues Jr better with flowers 2  

Antonio Rodrigues Jr is a Brazilian Designer living in Brasilia. He is specialized in graphic design, illustration and typography. His latest project entitled Better With Flowers is as beautiful as funny. He decided to write common swea...

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ludo caribbean tropical urban landscape apple  

Ludo is a renown street artist from Paris, France. He recently decided to take some vacation in the Caribbean and delivered some cool artworks there. With his own signature of fluorescent green and monochrome white, Ludo dresses St Martin...

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Brian Kelley & Gorey – HUF 2014 Fall Lookbook

HUF 2014 Fall Delivery Lookbook Brian Kelley Gorey  

The streetwear company HUF delivers us a creative and original lookbook for this fall. Based on the photographer Brian kelly‘s work in New York’s Chinatown, the graffiti artist Gorey added his fine and cool touch creating am...

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Bourbon Barrel Skateboards

Bourbon Barrel Skateboards  

This certainly one of the weirdest but coolest Kickstarter project. Bourbon Barrel Skateboards is literally skateboards wheels put on Bourbon Barrel boards. It has even the hole in the center. You can choose between Jive the cruiser one o...

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Teague & Sizemore – Denny

Teague Sizemore Denny  

This is certainly the coolest bike I have ever seen. Created by Teague and Sizemore, the Denny has a very modern design with minimalist lines, geometry and colors. This bike has a detachable two-wheeler becoming a quick stop handlebar lock...

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Ben Chan

Ben Chan alice  

Ben Chan is a skilled illustrator with a cool sense of humor. He imagined what could be the most horrible but accurate death of several movies and cartoons characters…and the result is just awesome, maybe a little bit morbid though. D...

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Gustavo Silva Nuñez

Gustavo Silva Nuñez hyperrealistic paintings swimmers  

Gustavo Silva Nuñez is a young and talented artist living in Venezuela. In his latest series, he painted amazing and hyperrealistic pictures of men and women swimming. Gustavo manages to add al the small details to create a cool illusion fo...

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Dewey Nicks

Dewey Nicks – Taylor Swift  

Dewey Nicks was always in the image business. He grew up with a dad working in advertising, and when his turn arrived to pick a degree, he went with Photography & fine arts at the College of design in Passadena. Today he’s a well kno...

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Keira Rathbone

Keira Rathbone typewriter arch  

Keira Rathbone is a British typewriter artist living in London. Indeed, she makes wonderful artwork with her incredible typewriters collection. From portraits to landscapes through buildings, it seems there is nothing she cannot draw...

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Felicia Simion

Felicia Simion birds  

Felicia Simion is a 20-year-old talented photographer from Romania. She was only 5 or 6 when she took her first picture with her parents during the holidays. Since then, she wanders around capturing inspirational portraits and incredibl...

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Ric Stultz

ric stultz bird  

Ric Stultz is a talented illustrator and digital artist with an amazing drawing skill. His artwork is filled with geometrical forms and very, very colorful characters. His inspiration comes from from music and daily life struggle such as...

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